Publisher BHome,
Category Casual,
Latest Version 2.3.4
Size 96MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Resources
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On December 24, 2021
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Idle Arks Introduction

Idle Arks MOD APK – Take a survival trip on the sea with Idle Arks It has simple gameplay and unique content that will make you want to use your phone every day.


Idle Arks examines global warming and natural disasters that can devastate the Earth. For days, rainstorms caused sea levels to rise, which in turn led to floods around the world. Floodwaters are rapidly flooding countries, cities, and towns. This is even happening in countries which aren’t adjacent to the sea. Only a few countries are not being submerged by water.

You are one of the lucky survivors. It is essential that you do your best to survive in such harsh circumstances. You can not only save others, but you can also build shelter and explore long-buried civilizations.


Idle Arks MOD APK is similar to Minecraft in that it uses the same gameplay. You can enjoy the adventures on the seashore with your loyal and cute friends.

Idle-Arks-MOD-APK1Idle Arks MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Your first task is to gather resources for building a shelter from hazards. Wood is the main resource of Idle Arks. Woods can be found floating on the ocean’s surface. Your boat will have a place to plant a large tree. You can plant more trees if the raft is upgraded. As the tree matures, you can trim down to get wood.

Pay attention to the objects in the ocean. If you’re lucky, you can pick up treasure chests. Click to view the ads video for more resources.

The survivors of Idle Arks

You’ll see many things on the water during the big cruise. Retire the risk and make them part of your crew. They are Vikings and will assist you in building a boat.

Click on the resources to get the required items. Although the Vikings were hard workers, they had their own rules. If they are asleep, it is impossible to ask them to go to work until they feel refreshed enough.

You will also have the chance to hire more people when you unlock new areas.

Discover new places

Idle Arks MOD APK has many areas waiting to be explored. These areas can only be unlocked if you have completed the upgrade or earned enough stars.

Completing the missions will get you the number of stars that you need. To see the items that need to be built, click on the crafting tool icon (in lower right corner). Once your boat is built, it will move to the next land. Interesting places on the journey include Odyssey, Lost Temple, Red and Sand, … Each location has unique characters and different missions. Don’t miss it!


Not only people and trees in Idle Arks, when you go further, but you will also encounter many animals such as chickens, turtles, ducks, … They are not only normal pets but also provide you with a lot of resources. Chickens, for instance, will give you eggs which you can use to convert to other resources.



The most advanced currency, diamond, is They can be used for unlocking locations, obtaining rewards, and skipping annoying ads.

To earn diamonds, you must accomplish special missions or reach achievements.


Idle Arks MOD APK uses simple block graphics similar to the famous Minecraft game. This game has more options than the original Minecraft game, so you can switch between views throughout the experience.

To make your adventure even more exciting, you can create weather effects like snow, thunder, thunderstorms, or warm sunshine.

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Main Features

The Ark is built

  • A captain who is ambitious should have his own ark.
  • Swimming is a great way to collect wood, floating bottles and treasure chests.

Increase the team

  • You should be a wise captain and command those who have survived at sea.
  • Crew members will need to be able to rescue survivors. You can build a boat faster if you have more crew members.

Collect Gold

  • You are a brave captain and deserve a better boat.
  • Get idle cash and earn wood & gold: Stay in business when you’re offline!

Learn More about Idle Arks

  • Many elements: There are over 100 locations and materials that you can use to build your own construction.
  • Open world exploration: Make and improve your raft to survive at sea.
  • Build at sea without lengthy waits: Automatically construct the Ark.
  • Advanced 3D: Slide to change your point of view at will
  • Different backgrounds: snow, thunderstorms day/night and unexpected lightning.

Idle Arks Reviews

Kevin Lavick: There is an end to all of this! This is the update. Idle Arks 2 also has great updates. I wish you would expand on chapter 8. I’ve also heard complaints about the ads. Bhome actually said that you can switch off the internet/turn it on airplane mode. If you don’t see this, then you are not reading these tips. Other than that, the game is quite relaxing. You can simply tap and wait.

Jackson Rackley: This game is amazing. Soooooooo amazing. This game is amazing. I do hope it gets a new lvl. The game is very attractive. If you don’t like games that are attractive, this game is not for you.

Farzeenferdousy: This is extremely fun and entertaining. I had so many fun playing it that I recommend you downloading it. Many people were also reviewing the ads. If you don’t want to receive any calls, just set your phone on airplane mode.?

Download Idle Arks: Build at Sea APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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