Ice Cream Inc. Mod Apk

Download Ice Cream Inc Mod Apk 1.0.15 (Upgrade At Home, No ads)

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    Ice Cream Inc
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    Upgrade At Home, No ads, Unlimited Money
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    Android 5.0+

Introduction Game

Ice Cream Inc APK is an ice cream game of the casual and interesting game genre, your task is to make ice cream cone with the right preferences of customers. It’s easy but extremely difficult, you will need to be really careful, accurate time and patience to succeed.

Regular games or casual games are a type of game that usually has simple rules, which do not require the player to invest too much time to learn, play and win. Easy to play and easy to control through 1 to 2 buttons are some typical features of this series. Therefore, it is suitable for all gaming subjects. And Ice Cream Inc. is one of the great options for casual games, you should not ignore if you love the games with the above characteristics.

People probably have more than one game installed on their mobile device. Many people love action games, strategy games or role-playing games, but besides these, they also have a few offline games to be able to experience the game at any time without need to connect to the network, such as when waiting for a bus, in line, during a short break, and when you want to relax gently before falling asleep. Ice Cream Inc. promises to bring you a great time of entertainment.

CS8tZEn - Ice Cream Inc 1.0.15 (Upgrade At Home, No ads)Ice Cream Inc. APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Hold down the dispenser button to drop your ice cream and try to match the pattern.
  • An extremely relaxing and satisfying game where you are the ice cream master.

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Reviews Of Game

asha asha: This is the most relaxing game in the universe. Just prepare the ice cream and call the customer and the level is finish! Thanks for the invention of the game inventor. There are very less adds and the best game ever!

Yaøi Gød: Cool game to play when bored. Even though I just started playing, I think a cool edition would be adding some toppings to the game and make it more difficult. People like easy, but challenging games. It could hype it up.

marcus schuer: I love this game! It is so fun, but kinda to simple. The graphics are amazing. Although when you first start it glitches, but then it gets better. I totally recommend this! I just don’t like how the flavors are basically the same everytime you make an icecream. Otherwise it’s really great!!

Galaxylegend Galaxylegend: I LOVEE THIS GAME its so fun and easy and theres less ads so thats great to but what I really like about this game is that if you get a little bit of the icecream wrong you wil get 90 or 80 I always get a 90 or 100 not to brag but I lovee this game thank you for reading this and thank you for making this game. Have a nice day!

Venus Wolf girl: I really like this app. First of all, who doesn’t like ice cream? It’s really fun and if you don’t like your score then you can restart and try again. Five stars for sure! I don’t know what everyone who wrote bad reviews were talking about. If you are thinking about getting it, then go ahead and do it! This is a great app!