I, The One - Action Fighting Game Mod Apk

Download I, The One - Action Fighting Game Apk 1.4.1

Introduction Game

I, The One APK for Android is an extremely funny and impressive multiplayer action game. Choose your favorite boxer and join the online arena with the goal of pushing your opponent off the stage!

Coming from the fun game publisher AXES.io, I, The One is an impressive fighting simulation game where you are tasked to defeat all the opponents you encounter to become one of the people. last surviving. .

The graphics in I, The One for Android are quite special with 3D-designed characters and environments. To move boxers, just use the control bar that appears on the left side of the screen. All you have to do is approach each enemy to fight them and try to survive.

If you win each round, you will receive a special reward, which allows you to unlock new fighters. Depending on the characteristics of each person, you can create appropriate attack techniques to take down opponents quickly.

In I, The One Android, gamers will confront countless characters while trying not to fall off any roof. You will need to attack all enemies and eliminate them to be declared the winner in each round.

gZZRZLQ - I, The One 1.4.1I, The One – Action Fighting Game APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • PvP mode: fight rivals all across the globe online
  • Kick harder and get points for more powerful punches
  • Gain game currency, upgrade and get bigger
  • Choose form a variety of battle arenas that will be your fighting ring
  • Use boxing and MMA skills to defeat other players
  • Skins, boxing gloves, boosts and other features to upgrade your fighter
  • Sandbox mode with real action
  • Available in both portrait and landscape modes

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Reviews Of Game

Anthony Osr: Ok, I edited my review the last time I started. Bc this game has become a pretty big time killer for me. Really like it and I like the way they try to make it better. I recognize advanced arenas with final and stable updates. Sure it runs better and more smoothly and I like it. I appreciate it as a true fan, more worlds and more games like soccer and the world. It would be great if you added more worlds like OFFICE, because my fav bc is hard to beat the enemy, hope it will be better!

Tyra Ray: I love this game, a perfect game to play when bored but the important thing is when you are 2nd, you don’t get any extra money. Not a letter. Maybe you can get 200-250 extra. Also, when I was playing something like Helipad, I was hit by a bullet and immediately fell down. Make it happen and you come close to the edges.

Ananya Kishore: The game is really interesting and easy with simple controls. Best casual game to kill time. The variety of levels with interesting gameplay and different game modes to alternate all. Works completely even offline. Adding more players online so we can play with friends will make it perfect.

Prem Nath: Just being an online player or even a lot of local players would be great. But overall, the game is FANTASTIC and you won’t regret installing it. Be a great time killer plus it’s offline. So you can play anywhere and the bots are very good.

Mr Simulator: I like this game very much, but I feel like the camera sometimes moves to an uncomfortable position. I also want it if my character doesn’t lock others, instead punches and maybe directional.