Hunter Assassin Mod Apk

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk 1.24 (Unlimited Gems)

  • Name
    Hunter Assassin
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    Unlmited Gems
  • Platforms
    Android 4.1+

Introduction Game

Hunter Assassin Mod APK (Unlimited Gems) latest version free download for Android. This is an action game combining new addictive tactics on Google Play, where you will play the role of an assassin whose task is to defeat all targets without being detected.

Targets equipped with automatic machine guns can hide around every corner. Attack them quickly and escape without being detected. Each removed target will leave valuable gems. You can use them to unlock assassins capable of moving faster.

Control the assassin and hunt down each of your targets. Take advantage of darkness and surroundings to hide yourself from flashlight light. Are you confident you can become the fastest assassin and take out all targets? Download Hunter Assassin for Android to your computer right now and find out for yourself!

Hunter Assassin for Android is an addictive action game in which you will have to be patient and use your thinking skills to successfully assassinate enemies. In this challenging adventure, players need to hide in the dark and find ways to overcome the increasingly difficult maps, while your enemies hide in every corner to find the opportunity to take you down. in a few seconds.

ahR1Y1e - Hunter Assassin 1.24 (Unlimited Gems)Hunter Assassin APK – Gameplay Screenshot

How To Play

One of the main attraction elements in Hunter Assassin is the fairly simple mechanism and control, which makes you instantly fascinated. The guards will patrol each room, holding a flashlight in every corner, and you need to avoid being illuminated by light to survive and find ways to attack them. If a soldier sees you, they will shoot you and the LifePoint will decrease significantly until it reaches zero. If you are killed before successfully assassinating your opponent, the game will start over from the beginning.

To hunt for prey, you will need to be silent. Crouch in the dark and strike from behind to approach your target. Each game screen has a different map, making you brainstorm to find ways to use your best advantages to overcome each level.

In the upper corner of the screen, players can observe the defeated enemies one by one, as well as the total number of assassins remaining. When leveling up and destroying soldiers, you will receive more gems, helping to improve your skills. When you have enough diamonds, you can also unlock better assassins to move faster and be more durable.

Feel the thrill of chasing you as you lurk in the dark to travel the farthest possible distance in the addictive Hunter Assassin Android adventure!

Main Features

  • Game action combined intelligence.
  • Each character has special abilities and skills.
  • Many levels challenging the player’s ability.
  • The advertising system allows you to earn more Diamonds.
  • Can play Offline without using WiFi or 3G

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Reviews Of Game

Isaac Hart: This game (in airplane mode) is really really fun! It’s actually very intuitive with controls. You tap the screen to move, the screenshots look like you need to trace a path and maybe release to go to the end of the line, but it’s a simple tap to move. Gameplay is exactly as advertised! Great game!

Eli Shoemaker: Im on level 71 now and i got this epic idea: you should add daily missions to assassinate special people like a spy or something like that also it gets kind of repetitive the farther you go on so if you could add more than the red and blue guys that would be great also different weapons for the targets would be cool. If you read this please reply.

StinqFN: The game is great, but i suggest adding a hard mode because the game is kind of easy. I really dont know how hard it gets because im only level 40 something. But overall the game is great. Maybe add an item shop that rotates everyday, and you could buy skins and different knives amd other things with gems.