House Designer: Fix & Flip Mod Apk

Download House Designer Mod Apk 0.988 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

House Designer APK for Android is an exciting home improvement simulation game where you can turn all your house design fantasies into reality. Do your best as a house cleaner.

In House Designer, you can buy a house and experiment with home design and show your creativity in it. A wide selection of home furnishings, beds, chairs, tables, bathroom and kitchen furniture, paintings and other decorations.

You can create harmony and beauty on your backyard combined with the comfort of decorative items and furniture placed in your garden.

Take care of your lawn using lawn mowers and rake.
Plant flowers and place garden beds with exotic plants in your garden.

House Designer for Android is really a fun and relaxing game, even for someone lazy to do housework like me. The game is like a visual tool. Help you learn how to decorate and organize your home. Get started perfecting your home today by downloading the game through the links below.

mhfHUTt - House Designer 0.988 (Unlimited Money)House Designer APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Furniture Designer
  • Garden Designer.
  • Buy, repair and flip
  • Job renewal

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Reviews Of Game

Ohioan Guy: This is a very good game. When you may have been doing this for months or even a year. One thing I really like is where you can drive a car. And drive through cities and housework missions. Where you can go to the store if you want it more practical, you can keep the tablet. Then you probably have other drivers. There are turn signals working normally. Since some games have terrible drivers, I am telling you. If you want, please see my comments.

IAmMalicious: Realistic graphics, great, great GamePlay. The controls are a bit weird as I am used to the other controls in other games. I just love it. It’s like real life. I grew up playing this game. I have been playing this game since I was 5. The best game. I really love it. But it would be great if you could add a little more detail. For the car and if I can really drive it. And also make it where I can go out. Thank you.

Saud Rana: I like this game, it’s very interesting. But you can add more floors where you can create more floors. And room on the same house. In addition, you can go to the normal pet place. Like they eat and play with toys and ordinary things. Oh and I have the idea of ​​an Easter egg. Sometimes whenever you are getting work done. That person will go home and you’ll get more money when it’s done.

Rizza Clavillas: I really love this app. It’s been a year since I’ve been waiting for the update. Hope to see more interior. If only this app could have a variety of baby items. Kitchen utensils and appliances, hygiene, etc. And please make the interior cheaper. It took me a day to get all the work done. And buy things for just one room. Anyway, I love everything about this app. Send love.

Joan Liut: It was one of those games that made you think “how do they make money”. Because the game play can be a bit repetitive. It is sometimes difficult to find dirty spots and to put the book collection on a bookshelf. Harder than necessary but it’s an enjoyable relaxing game that I love to take part in. Note though, if you are prone to motion sickness. This game can literally make you nauseous with the movement mechanics.