Horn Mod Apk

Horn Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Horn APK for Android is an action adventure combining puzzle game. The game has a 3rd person perspective – a completely unique experience.

Players will explore a beautiful world as a brave blacksmith, adventure everywhere looking for a solution to the curse of destroying his village.

In the game Horn, you will play as an apprentice blacksmith named Horn. One day you wake up, you find your village suddenly turned into a pile of rubble and there are giant monsters, some very funny looking ones named Pygon.

These creatures were actually villagers and the animals in the village were transformed by a curse. And the player’s task is to find out what happened and bring everything back to the original life.

Horn for Android, the young man must use his sword, crossbow, whistle and wits to explore the land, defeat enemies and solve adventure puzzles to find the solution to the curse. is destroying the homeland.

ONHQOzK - Horn (Unlimited Money)Horn APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • The controls players can use, including walking, jumping, crawling, and even hooking, are all done with intuitive gestures.
  • The freedom to go wherever you want in a world that is designed in detail with console quality.
  • A rich and unique fantasy world.
  • Take part in melee battles with touch manipulation and crossbow shooting style weapons.
  • 3 Unique and beautiful lands to explore.
  • The endless escalating challenge modes.
  • Interesting hidden content.
  • The score is written by Austin Wintory and the music is lively.

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