Hitman GO Mod Apk

Download Hitman GO Mod Apk 1.12.86482 (Unlimited Hints, Stars)

Introduction Game

Hitman GO APK for Android is a chess board turn-based strategy game. Combined with the attractive puzzle element of the app company Square Enix. Where players will transform into a professional spy. Try to break into the target location without being detected.

Hitman GO is built in the Diorama style, penetrating the killer world. But there was no shooting and killing, horrifying blood and gore. Entering this playground, you will play as the bald number 47 spy. Consider your every move to distract your enemies. Or eliminate them as needed to achieve the goal.

In Hitman GO APK, enemies are arranged in a chessboard pattern and have a predetermined orientation. The player’s task is to distract their attention by throwing objects or making noises to find their way to the smartest destination. To destroy the enemy, you need to avoid a direct attack that must silently destroy them from behind or from the side.

The higher the level, the more enemies appear and often stand in dangerous positions that are difficult to detect. However, the lucky thing is that you will be adding new skills such as stealth, hiding behind a pot or using the technique of “fighting in the mountains” by throwing objects. If you accidentally meet an enemy, your spy will be attacked and sacrificed immediately and the game is over.

If you love assassination then join Hitman GO for Android. The player becomes a professional spy. Performs the mission to break into the target area without being detected.

GvmvANF - Hitman GO 1.12.86482 (Unlimited Hints, Stars)Hitman GO APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Solve puzzles and test your assassination skills.
  • Stunning 3D graphics, professionally detailed character models.
  • Explore different environments, secret passages and out-of-bounds.
  • Possesses the skills of Agent 47 such as distracting, disguising, hiding, rifle, sniper, even the iconic Silverballers.
  • Face off against many different types of enemies with evil ways to attack and find ways to destroy you.
  • Each level has a different gameplay, silently or strongly.

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Reviews Of Game

Carina Gago: This is a sure strategy game. Still retaining the spirit of the AAA brothers. My only concern is the lack of a story of any kind. Even some text just describing the taste of your goal has been appreciated. If not, the game is very interesting, if there is a bit of repetition. Though at 91 levels, it doesn’t really exist overly welcome. All the achievements are quite easy, although some are a bit difficult. Though I did refer to tutorials for some following levels. But it is purely optional.

Arpan Biswas: Aesthetically beautiful. I have never experienced an app / game. Really satisfying all my senses. The single “not 5” problem is not enough. There doesn’t seem to be an update since mid-2018. Quite a pity, but I’m sure. Creating / maintaining an application of this caliber is a real job. HUGE great praise for the entire responsible group. For an outstanding achievement of the master level! Absolutely unbelievable – I love it!

Newtomic: I heard this is fine. But better I thought it would be. It looks simple but has a nice progression. That is the introduction of more complex puzzles. One system at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. It also looks great both in fidelity and presentation. Sound design suitable for board gamey. And the music was sparse, but still partially playable. Clever.

Kanak Negi: By playing this game. Sometimes I feel that I am playing a board game. When the game demonstrates tactics and strategies. The motions give the player brain training, which is a good thing. Graphics are as good as they did with the help of unity. Finally, I want to say that if you are a huge fan of Agent 47. Then the player must play this game.