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Download Hide.io Mod Apk 28.0.6 (Unlimited Coins)

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    Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Money
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    Android 4.4+

Introduction Game

Hide.io APK for Android is a fun online hide and seek game. You will be transformed into hidden and objects. Leave to other players and vice versa.

Hide.io is a game that challenges you to play hide and seek online with other players from around the world. More than 20 players can play in the same round, some players have to hide and camouflage in the scene and others have to find them.

Hide.io at the beginning of the game will play out in one way or another. If you are ‘cops’ you will have to wait 30 seconds for the rest of the players to hide, but during this time you will have to try to remember the look and feel of the settings by default.

If you are an ‘object’ you must try to hide and go unnoticed in settings. Each round in Hide.io lasts up to three minutes. If the police cannot find all the subjects, they will win. But if the police find all of their opponents in less than three minutes, they win the round.

Hide.io APK for Android brings you back to your childhood, playing hide and seek with friends. With different positions, you need to find a hiding place and observe to know the position of the opponent. This game gives you real contact with players from all over the world.

AJv8PAP - Hide.io 28.0.6 (Unlimited Coins)Hide.io APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Real-time online multiplayer game
  • If your team survives for 200 seconds as the objects, your team win
  • If your team finds all hidden objects within 200 seconds, your team win
  • Level up system
  • Chat within the room

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Reviews Of Game

Asnim Rifa: This is probably the funniest .io game I’ve played so far. I don’t understand why people don’t give it 5 stars. Because they only talk like a problem they have in the game. And for that matter they just give it a star. And the problem they have is not even related to the game. Because they are game abusers. And they’re the ones who give it a star for their own reasons. And I really think. Some of them have problems due to their equipment.

Matty Friel: The game is really great! I love this game so much that I gave it five stars. It was the only game I played with no problems. In this game we can change the look of our tagger. It can be enchanted, can make pet decorations and other decorations. This game also contains chat. We can chat while playing more interesting! And I’ve got lots of friends online with it! This is the best game game ever!

Alexa Fox: Hello IGene! This Hide.io is awesome. Not like other hidden games but I have a problem. I don’t lag at all. But if I play in the Map of the Space Station, my screen really gets worse. And, if I like having tails, I will always fail as I wish. Any chance, I won’t be successful just once. And I got a request to make a map of Office 5 and City 2.

Wini Valisno: I only like this if I buy the hacker skin. I’m just level 11 I like this Game a bit. I didn’t like it when it was a hacking guy I loved. It will cost 1000 coins to change the game. So I’d love you to be able to say this is a popreait saying yes or no and buy.

Jahn Suyen: Great game, there’s only one downside. Are people in the same household. It is very easy to cheat with other players. So if there is a certain feature. Preventing them from participating in the same game is a bonus.