Hidden City Mod Apk

Download Hidden City Mod Apk 1.34.3400 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Hidden City Mod APK (Unlimited Money) latest version free download for Android. Hidden City is set in the most magical places in the world and you will be tasked with finding hidden objects under those images. Get ready for an adventure journey that promises a lot of fun in Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure and perform the mission to save your friend.

Although still a match 3 game, Hidden City is integrated into extremely thrilling and interesting missions, where you have to solve puzzles in the magic city. You will be adventurous and explore many strange places, where there are unexplainable phenomena. Your task in this match 3 game is to discover places containing hidden objects and find them, unravel the mysteries from the darkness, rescue friends from evil.

Hidden City has 62 strange locations to search, more than 4835 missions to complete, 732 collections to put together, 47 special characters to meet, 15 monsters to fight in small games. . The game allows cooperation and alliances with other players to defeat the dark forces, enjoy the joy of victory. Impressive graphics and sound are also factors that make the game successful.

lQx57fP - Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure 1.34.3400 (Unlimited Money)Hidden City APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • 67 eerie locations to search
  • Over 5646 quests to complete
  • 865 collections to piece together
  • 58 distinctive characters to meet
  • 15 monsters to battle in mini-games
  • Play with your friends to fight the evil together!
  • Regular free updates with loads of new content

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Reviews Of Game

Melissa Hudson: This is a very fun game. Its like seekers notes. i love the events. the only thing i dont like is that sometimes the objects are hidden to well that you can’t find them in time. Otherwise its a cool game. I still haven’t gotten any avatars or special chests or totem of an event or completed an event but I’m still trying. I’m doing the same in seekers notes. I’m always playing these in my spare time! They’re awesome!!!

Maria Simmons: I am really enjoying “Hidden City Objects…” It is full of amazing articles. The graphics are fantastic. I generally love the interaction. There is overall so much variation you can’t help but be drawn to this game. It’s so absorbing and a fantastic way to pass the time. Especially in these uncertain times, globally. With this awful ‘Coronavirus’. Definitely, a great distraction. So I would definitely recommend giving this game a ‘twirl’ you won’t be disappointed

Stacy Robinson: I have been playing for a while and I love it but lately Everytime a new event starts it takes a couple of days to complete the the upgrade. Starting to get frustrating because I’m going to be behind and most likely won’t be able to complete because of it.