Heroes of Warland - Party shooter with hero RPG! Mod Apk

Download Heroes of Warland Mod Apk 1.8.2 (Unlimited Bullets)

  • Name
    Heroes of Warland - Party shooter with hero RPG!
  • Publisher
  • Genre
  • Size
  • Latest Version
  • MOD Features
    Unlimited Bullets
  • Platforms
    Android 7.0+

Introduction Game

Heroes of Warland APK for Android is a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game. You will enter team battles and compete with global players in exciting, intense confrontations.

Heroes of Warland is an online playground that combines real-time multiplayer gun battles with 4vs4 fighting action gameplay. The game possesses a unique array of heroes, possessing special skills and weapons for you to choose and fight.

In this playground, the choice of your character has a lot to do with the gameplay, offering a unique, fun multiplayer shooting experience never seen on mobile.

xYfrJ7k - Heroes of Warland 1.8.2 (Unlimited Bullets)Heroes of Warland APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Real-time hero based multiplayer shooter action with selectable first-person and third-person views
  • Six different hero characters to pick from
  • 4 different vibrant multiplayer 3D Arenas
  • Generous daily quests that keeps getting back to game meaningful and rewarding
  • RPG Hero levelling and progression system to power-up your equipment and abilities to become a Pro Shooter
  • 37 Hero outfits to be used for customization of Heroes
  • 24 Weapon skins to be used for customization of equipment
  • Teams and team-chat allows you to team up discuss strategies
  • In total 20 different insignias to customize your player profile
  • Adjustable controls for better aiming, shooting and winning

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Reviews Of Game

Artak Manukyan: Actually. before I thought this was a bad game. Turns out it was really good. But when I was playing my character, I fired a gun. Also a game match kicking me out. Finally you should make hunters faster. But one thing, lots of people are cheating and I don’t like any damage to them. Also a match one person can kill me with just one shot while I’m perfectly healthy.

Damian Peploe: You guys did really well, the game looked great and I enjoyed playing it. Unfortunately, I find the controls difficult. If you can add full Bluetooth controller support. Please do this as it will make it a much more competitive PvP. Too many people just get stuck or stand still. I use an ipega gamepad and it brings a much better gaming experience, up the good work.

JINX CHANNEL: I can’t download fortnite on Android, so I downloaded this game. This game is better than fortnite, but can you squit the bugs a little harder … Heroes of Warland is the best game I’ve ever played, so much for the game. Btw if all you want to say about bad games is, please don’t use bad language, that’s not okay.

Unitive Mars: I personally like this game to be a great gaming platform. There are 3 out of 3 and you can have lots of interesting upgraded weapons to get a new look. And making new friends but I also want to see more maps and in general a great experience.

Danial Bhasin: I’m glad developers continue to test feedback, it’s good to be listening and eliminating gaps. The experience has improved since the last time I played. This is a great game. Of course there’s always scope for improvement, but it’s great nonetheless.