Publisher Hothead Games,
Latest Version 5.9.1
Size 129MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On August 19, 2022
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Hero Hunters Introduction

Hero Hunters APK: The game takes place in the distant future between the war between General Kurtz’s Lawgivers and United Armed Forces (UAF). Kurtz, a dangerous dictator, has taken over half of the world’s countries. His ambition is never-ending, and he will eventually take over the whole world. The United Armed Forces was established in the midst chaos and turmoil. Peace and freedom-loving citizens were determined to end Kurtz’s empire forever. Join this force to fight for world peace.


A new combination

This game has a wonderful mix of genres. There is a cover-based shooting game with a third person perspective and elements from the RPG series. Both single player and multiplayer modes can be used. High-quality graphics technology enhances fast-paced, exciting action sequences.

Hero Hunters APK makes it easy to shoot games if you still have fear. You can reposition up to five heroes by swiping left or right. This will allow you to focus on gunfights and switch between cover.

Hero Hunters is a story-driven single-player game that also includes a co-op mode. You will need to team up with other players in order to defeat giant bosses. You will need to have a solid strategy and a quick technique in order to play co-op mode.

The game’s controls are also responsive and well-designed. You can start the game and be moving quickly between floors, shooting at different opponents, or switching characters within minutes. You can customize each hero with different weaponry and upgrade them. Some specialize in automatic weapons, while others are skilled in healing or sniping, while others are proficient in shotguns that can be used to eliminate obstacles.

The graphics quality is excellent, comparable to consoles.

Hero-Hunters-APK4Hero Hunters APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Hero Hunters APK is not just about gun battles. The single-player mode lets you explore a post-apocalyptic setting. You have access to a large variety of interesting weapons and other items, plus 40 characters with different skills. After that, you can go to war in multiplayer matches using different game modes like co-op or PvP or alliance battles. You can.

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Main Features

World Class Gun Play

  • Amazing console-like graphics and a cover-based third-person shooter experience
  • You can quickly switch from Hero to Hero in battle using team-based, real-time combat
  • Playing each hero is a unique experience thanks to modern and futuristic gear. Fire sniper rifles and listen for the boom of energy guns
  • You can use jaw-dropping special abilities to quickly change the tide of battle.
  • You can improve your skills by controlling your heroes, or simply play idle while on the move.
  • Tons of weapons and guns, including sniper rifles.

Command Heroes

  • Collect legendary heroes, each with their very own weapons and special abilities.
  • You must put together the right team to defeat the enemy. You can mix up your team to get the right combination. Keep your tanks and healers under watch while your assault classes and assassins take on the enemy.
  • You can choose from sniper, assault and shotgun, magic or fantasy, warrior, robots, sniper assassins or cyborg heros
  • You can play as your favorite hero or dynamically switch between them during gameplay.
  • After each battle, plunder loot, level up your heroes and upgrade your abilities, and perfect your loadout.
  • As you battle bandits, raiders and more in a postapocalyptic cityscape, immerse yourself in single-player combat.
  • Be the ultimate hunter by engaging in modern combat
  • The battle is never won. Your hero squad will dominate the battlefield.

Real-time PvP Tactical Battle Mode

  • Play against other players to test your skills in tactical, PvP combat real-time multiplayer action
  • Create a tactical squad with up to 5 heroes, and you will dominate the leaderboards.
  • To create an unstoppable modern military alliance, join forces with friends
  • Compete against your opponents in time-based events that are focused on solo or strategic group play.

Hero Hunters Reviews

Roberto Rodriguez Diaz: It is a fantastic game, with epic battles. The game is addictive. I have played for hours and not realized that it was over. Last but not least, the interruption of sh…

Vernon Sullins: It’s addictive and fun. There are many things to do with the characters. The game runs smoothly. The graphics are excellent. It is not easy to earn game money. The game is great and I highly recommend it.

Bhavya Somjani: Excellent game. The characters, backgrounds, music, and guns are all great. Please add multiplayer to this game. Please

Jocelyn Mariano: Great game, but i think it is offline. Please make it offline. Or at least use data to apply. Logging in would also be great. For example, i played the game in another phone. Then i logged into the game to save my game. Game9/10

Ethan Wibben: This game is so much fun! The guns and weapons are all great, but my favorite is the one that can shoot bullets very fast!

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