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Introduction Game

In the game Hello Neighbor APK for Android, you will break into the seemingly normal house of a neighbor and uncover intrigue and secrets and will be experienced through the feeling of suspense, awe, just excited, excited.

Hello Neighbor is a horror game with a way to play extremely attractive stealth action. You play a curious guy who wants to find out what’s going on in the house next door when it’s always closed, with curtains, even many people say the house has a dark tunnel. , often emits strange cries.

So, you decided to sneak into the neighbor’s house to find the horrible secrets he hid in the basement. However, he was also very alert and knew that a stranger had invaded his house so he set up traps and did everything he could to escape. The player must fight with the clever master, trying to use all his skills, using tricks and a little luck to escape the scary house.

This neighbor is an extremely advanced AI capable of learning, catching your every move. Therefore, the more you play, the more dangerous he is. Be very careful and think of new ways to run away from the chase, such as turning on the light, the TV, collapsing the circuit breaker … to distract the enemy.

You like to climb through the backyard window, worried when you believe that there is a trap hidden somewhere or sneaking through the front door … Try your best to escape because the landlord will quickly find a shortcut and catch you.

wfaoa2R - Hello Neighbor 1.0 (Unlock Full) + OBBHello Neighbor APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Stealth Horror

  • Procedural AI 

  • Pixar-style visuals 

  • Extremely tense gameplay

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Reviews Of Game

Sad Edits: Ok so the game is great. I love but when I get to the 3red part (*SPOILER ALERT*). Where I have to jump over the fence to go through the door and onto the final part it wont let! The game wont let me jump over the fence and its Annoying! Once I made it over but when I opened the door the neighbor caught me. And I just had to restart all over which sucks! Btw the graphics on phone aren’t really that well but it’s ok. Overall it’s a great and fun game.

Amariah Garcia: This game is fun thrilling and adventurous. You get to solve lots of puzzles and riddles to get farther in the game. It’s a super fun thrilling game. When I first downloaded it I did not know how to do anything in the game but then a tutorial appeared. The game has cut scenes about telling you what happened to Hello Neighbor in his life. Btw Tiny Games there is another game that I think people might be trying to copy Hello Neighbor. Not to be a snitch or anything but I think you should check it out

Alicia Braithwaite: Love the game and I can’t believe its free! I haven’t finished it yet I’m on act three and I can tell a lot of work was put into this game. Love the puzzle aspect and the challenging parts if it! I will admit I had to use a walkthrough on certain parts only to find out I’m dumb for missing those parts lol does glitch a little after the neighbor catches you but it fixes it’s self in about 10seconds or if not hit the home button then reopen it and it fixes it