Publisher B.V.,
Category Arcade,
Latest Version 28.0.20262
Size 60MB
MOD Features High Damage, HP,
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Hawk APK for Android is a fighter game with beautiful 3D graphics on mobile. With unique combat cooperation gameplay at more than 100 challenging levels, Hawk for Android is enough for you to touch the screen tired hands without being bored.

In any battle, if you are alone then failure is inevitable. Hawk for Android is no exception. Gather your brethren and kick out the brutal enemies of the tyrannical Autocrat squadron in a series of dramatic aerial battles.

Although enemies are bigger than you, you are never alone because Hawk for Android has a unique co-op mode. Players can join forces with new relatives or friends.

Hawk for Android owns crazy shooting gameplay through the system of combat helicopters “all shapes, thousands” and many other interesting upgrades. Players must complete a lot of tasks.

Hold the strongest weapon firmly in your hand, reload constantly to unleash the decisive attack on the enemy’s fighter jet. Creating a “hell of bullets” made the hardest metal melt.

HAWK Galaxy Shooter Alien War Mod ApkHAWK Galaxy Shooter Alien War APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Fun campaign: More than 100 levels filled with enemies and spectacular action
  • Unique multi-player cooperation: Team up with friends to overcome any tough challenges or join forces randomly with other players to enjoy more fun
  • Additional modes: Arcade, Team-up, Assault. Each mode has its own gameplay
  • Perfect shooting game: Lots of combat helicopters, teammates, ammunition, guns and high-tech equipment to choose from
  • Many giant bosses: Fight and defeat large enemies, even, they can “flood” the screen. Wipe out their troops and collect Danmaku bulletproof pieces
  • Great graphics: Tired of space and lasers? Try flying up. Realistic 3D graphics of Hawk for Android will make you forget the feeling of a classic school game. Shooting vertically on a mobile screen has never been better. The historical aerial warfare was over. Choose “phoenix” and protect the country from invasion. The symphony of aerial battle and heroic attraction will make you unforgettable
  • Modernizing retro style: Have you played Shmup (STG) before? If so, would you think of a “retro” right? Hawk for Android is the complete opposite. A top-down aircraft game will surprise you and recall the best memories of the scrolling game associated with childhood for a while. Whether you are not a fan of Strikers, Tyrian, Ace Squad, Razor, Airborn or have never participated in the wars in 1945, you will become a free squadron fan of Hawk for Android.

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Reviews Of Game

Tim James: Hawk is the perfect game to kill time. When you install the game, you will receive a notification about the game. The only thing that annoys me is that it takes a lot of gold and gems to upgrade your plane and make it stronger. Anyway I give 5 stars. This is a very good game, I recommend you install it. Believe me you will love it when locking it down.

Dragon 54790: This is a very good game and I recommend it because it can kill a lot of time and it is also addictive. The events are very interesting and bring you great prizes. As the crises on avolon bring you a powerful plane. I like this game you should try it.

Brukaviador: Great game and you don’t have to pay to play if you’re okay with grinding forever. I like some of the game contests they used to have better than the ones that are currently going on. Best on rail plane shooter I have found.

Rodrigo Silva: I occasionally play this game for a year. I tried many games but ended up returning to this game. It is not stressful, does not cost too much time and money like other games. It relieves stress all day.

Rick Gassaway: Fun without being discouraged! Loves interactive Brobots, and favors a more “bland” narrative. And not so serious and esoteric as most fighting games. Well written, well done.

Download HAWK: Galaxy Shooter. Alien War APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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