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Latest Version 36.1.26389
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Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 3, 2021
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Hawk: Freedom Squadron Introduction

Hawk: Freedom Squadron APK version will help your campaigns become easier. You can download the MOD version through the link below this article.


Hawk: Freedom Squadron APK is a shooting game that revolves around Verdia’s story. Verdia was a beautiful nation which was overthrown by Autocrat to control space force. You will lead your team in space battles against enemies as a royal hero.


Hawk: Freedom Squadron APK is similar to the Chicken Invaders games. You aim to pilot a plane capable firing at enemies. To avoid enemy attacks, you can maneuver the plane with your fingers. This time, you’ll have to face bullets from the most sophisticated weaponry. This game requires reflexes and ingenuity. You must avoid the enemy and defeat their attacks and you will win if there is no enemy visible.

Hawk: Freedom Squadron 1 You will also be able to upgrade your aircraft if enemies are destroyed in each stage. Unique features will be available to your aircraft such as increasing gun damage, shielding or expanding the range of bullets. This will allow you to hit multiple enemies. Focus on firing but leave space for collecting things. It could be the key to your level success.


Players will need to complete 190 challenges to save Verdia when they enter Hawk: Freedom Squadron’s battle. The difficulty level will rise as you make progress. The difficulty level will rise as you progress. Players will need to think clearly, and work hard. You will be able to unravel the plot slowly as you make progress. Hawk: Freedom Squadron APK is an engaging storyline that will delight all who are curious.

To progress above a particular difficulty level, you must defeat Boss. After the Boss is defeated, his henchmen will replace him. These men will be able to fly as an enormous fortress, equipped with powerful weapons and great endurance. To defeat them, you must remain focused and patient. The rewards will be numerous.

Hawk: Freedom Squadron 2 Hawk: Freedom Squadron APK offers support for players through a unique mode called teaming with heroes. To help them complete the task, they can invite their friends and create a team. This team matching feature allows players the opportunity to match up with random people from all over the world.

Upgrade your aircraft

You must constantly improve your capabilities to avoid being overthrown by invaders. Upgrade the capabilities of several aircraft functions to increase your combat ability. The basic parameters such as damage, endurance, power … are extremely important.

Hawk: Freedom Squadron APK offers many aircraft types. You can get a spacecraft with superior features that is powerful enough for any challenge if you have the finances.

Hawk: Freedom Squadron 3Hawk: Freedom Squadron – Gameplay Screenshot


You have two small aircraft to help you in battle. These aircraft are capable of doing more damage and possess special abilities depending on their type, such as the ability to fire or defend more bullets. These small planes can be upgraded. Although they may not be as powerful as the main planes, they are still very useful and are worth investing in.
Hawk: Freedom Squadron boasts an impressive 3D graphics platform. The bombs create a stunning effect. There are many backgrounds used in the animation. The backgrounds of each stage are not repeated or reduced. Images can also be used for investing in the aircraft. Many aircraft have striking designs that will impress.

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Main Features

  • There are dozens of aircrafts available for your falcon squad, from fighter jet planes and dieselpunk contraptions. You can get unique BRObot companions and many weapons and upgrades to your strike force!
  • The top-down scroller shooter combines classic arcade spirit with modern graphics. It feels modern and old-fashioned!
  • The most charismatic pilots join forces to form a victorious air force.
  • Be the first to beat your competitors online!
  • Get together your friends to take down the enemies This is a multiplayer co-op shooter in which one body is all that matters.
  • Auto shoot is permanent, so focus on the aircraft’s unique abilities!
  • Epic boss battles The skyscrapers of the enemy forces are truly terrifying!

Hawk: Freedom Squadron Reviews

Dariya Michalovvska: This is: Great progress, even for beginners. Great multiplayer options and smooth gameplay. Fortnite’s childishness is a bit much for me but it’s just plain fun so I accepted it.

King ECHatron II: This is: A great shooting game that offers many upgrades and events. Each fighter is unique, but it can be difficult to get. If you have the resources, it can be much easier.

Stephan Greenidg: You can have hours of entertainment. It’s a great sport.

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