Happy Pet Story Virtual Pet Game Mod Apk

Download Happy Pet Story Mod Apk 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Happy Pet Story APK for Android is a new virtual pet game. If you have loved Sim on PC many years ago. Don’t miss Happ Pet Story a new and extremely exciting virtual pet game in Sim style.

In the game, you are not only responsible for taking care of virtual pets, decorating the house, but also being entertained with many attractive mini games. There is nothing more exciting than being in the city of fun pets and creating a unique dream home that is only in your imagination.

If you love animals, love pets and like social simulation games, you have to try Happ Pet Story on your phone. You can download Happ Pet Story for Android for free to play, the game also supports playing when in offline mode.

Let’s spend a good time with Happy Pet Story for Android. Try out pet costumes, home decorations, and play cool mini games! Make a special impression on your “kingdom” with funny pets in the castle of dreams!

6xh2kpF - Happy Pet Story 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)Happy Pet Story APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • FREE to download & FREE updates!
  • Simple, intuitive and easy gameplay.
  • Unique art style and vibrant world that is immersive, charming and cute!
  • 200+ unique outfits, 300+ furniture and decorations, 200+ customizable looks!
  • Multiplayer! Visit and check out your friends on the leaderboard!
  • Offline mode available! No internet required.
  • Guaranteed hours of fun for everyone from kids to adults.
  • Available in English, Bahasa Indonesia,中文,日本語,ไทย, Español, русский, Português
  • Optimized for Samsung S6/Note 4/Tab and all large screen devices!

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Reviews Of Game

Clash Hunters: Now this is one of my favorite games. It has a lot of features. OH MY GOD! I know this is a game for kids and I’m 12 years old, I still love playing it. But I am a little bit against the game. Our nearest country is India. And there’s an Indian costume called Saari, the way I live in Bangladesh. And there is no Bangladeshi outfits here! Why? Me and my friends love to play this game. Please accept my suggestion.

Blessy Bunny: I love this game very much. This game has a lot of fun this game. The most interesting game in the world. I like the controls and the way it plays. And there are cool, cute, smart characters. Beautiful, awesome, awesome characters, so. Please don’t miss install this game and play well. Thanks for playing this game, thank you for reading my comment. I am purple friends goodbye you.

Molly Thompson: This is a very good app, I really recommend it to kids. I have been playing it for a long time. And then lost the app that I spent a WEEK! Try to find the game again and if you can do it. So that we can join the servers that we like. And make puzzles easier. This app is awesome, I love it.

Gladies Prasetyo: My favorite game out of all games. That I have downloaded it is very cute with nice costume decorations. There are different types of fun neighborhoods. They have different things like stone, paper, wound. And many other very cute games. I like this. Thank you.