Hair Dash Mod Apk

Download Hair Dash Mod Apk 1.5.6 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Hair Dash Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Hair Dash for Android is a new fast-paced and extremely interesting action game on Google Play, bringing players to the battle against the Octopus King and the pirates. Extremely jealous of the captivating human hair, Octopus King decided to invade your island to find the secret to such amazing curls.

King Octopus has been keeping an eye on your island for a long time. People here own a beautiful hair with charming curls. He wondered how these people had such beautiful hair.

After months of hiding and hiding in deep waters to spy on humans, the Octopus King has finally decided to attack your island. What is his goal? It is the ancestral tree where the inhabitants of the island absorb strength. After gathering a group of pirates, the Octopus King launched an attack on the island and ordered them to invade this land. As a commoner, you will need all the residents to work together to defeat him!

With easy-to-learn gameplay but hard to conquer, Hair Dash is an aracde game that is both interesting and challenging. During the game, you can unlock many appearance elements for the main character, with many diverse customizations. Do you think you have the skills to defeat the Octopus King at all levels and compete with other players in Hair Dash Android’s Endless mode? Download the game right away and experience it for yourself!

GTWeOaP - Hair Dash 1.5.6 (Unlimited Money)Hair Dash Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Fast paced gameplay that will put your reflexes and strategy to the test
  • Wide variety of unlockable customization elements
  • Compete against other players in our leaderboards and see who’s best
  • Progress through the stages pitting you against King Octopus and rewrite the island’s history
  • It’s not all about brainless tapping! Many situations will test your wits, reflexes and strategy, so get ready

Download now and show the world you’re the best fighter!

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Reviews Of Game

Ragnarok Minamoto: It’s a different take on a tap game but it actually incorporates some sort of strategy and skill to play it. Great game so far.

Official KillerTako: 2 things it shouldn’t take 25 mins for ONLY 1 heart why does it have to log into Google play every time you open it?

Misael Toledo: This is a great game, good controls easy and fast to learn. but we need a little more content like more “worlds” for example or quests.

Emily Chastain: Super fun I haven’t played too long but could definitely use more positive ratings

Eon Franklin: I just finished the five levels and I’m waiting for the 6 one pretty good so far I like this game give a four out of five