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Download Granny Mod Apk 1.7.3 (God Mode)

Introduction Game

Granny Mod Apk (God Mode). Granny is a horror game built in first person perspective. You have 5 days to escape from the haunted house if you do not want to get terrible results.

Granny is considered one of the most scary horror puzzle games on mobile. You are locked in a scary dark house where the ghostly Granny is. Now, you have to find a way to escape from the house. But be very careful and do all actions very gently, do not make noise. She could hear every slight noise. If you drop something on the floor, the old lady will immediately hear and run after you.

However, sometimes you can also take advantage of the noise to trap the old lady, escape the danger area. You can hide in the closet or under the bed to avoid being detected by her. Hurry up because you only have 5 days to escape from the house. Good luck!

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The house in the game Granny is like a maze with many floors and many different rooms. Because you do not know the structure of the house, you need to search for a way out, and explore scary areas such as bloody toilets and tubs, dark rooms, bloody pools on the floor. .. Be careful even with the dangerous pitfalls that the old lady deliberately placed in the middle of the aisle to trap you.

When in an area, your task is to rummage through cabinets, drawers … to find items such as pliers to cut wires, hammers to break doors, code cards, take advantage of the plank to bypass. the space to bridge … Then find all you need to open the main door and exit. The main door was reinforced and locked with great certainty by various layers of locks. However, first, find yourself a safe hiding place to preserve life if the old lady suddenly enters the room.

In addition to the items that help you unlock, the player also has an extremely powerful weapon that helps you a lot in the course of action, which is the bow and arrow of anesthetic. Try to find this bow, shoot at the ghost old woman for her coma within 2 minutes. In those 2 minutes, you can go anywhere, do everything without worrying about being discovered. Be quick to act before she wakes up. This bow and arrow can be used again and again, so every 2 minutes, you can continue to look for the old woman and shoot to ease action.

Because it is designed in the first-person perspective, combining the images in the game is scary, dark, Granny game impresses the player. Surely, you will not be surprised many times by scary situations, unexpectedly combined with scary sounds, sometimes silent to the cold.

Overall, Granny is an authentic horror game for those who want to try thrills. Download free games to your computer, experience and feel for yourself.

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Reviews Of Game

Keagen Rex: This is an amazing game and I massively recommend it! I love this game and it is so good that it turned out to be so ridiculously popular to the world! But there is one thing that has made the game boring. I hate to ask this but could you please add something new? Unless the final update was April then I’m sorry I asked. But other than that it is an amazing game and thank you for creating this!

Tyler Stumpf: Well, this game is really great. The graphics could be improved, the sound is not bad, the style is very original, and the gameplay is astounding! But if I could ask for one feature updated to this game, is the option to have keyboard and mous controls. I have a Chromebook and tried to play this game and it was very hard with a mouse moving the joystick, and then trying to grab an item or hide at the same time. But I still give this a 5/5!

Destiny Eastland: I love this game like, when I beat granny for the first time, I almost cried. I was funny because I dropped the car key in front of the car and then I hid. When granny came she walked in front of the car and I ran her over and boom I broke out! I reached one of my goals. If u havent, u should beat granny too!!!