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Grand War: Napoleon Introduction

Grand War: Napoleon MOD APK will bring you back to the 18th century, the era of Napoleon and the most epic conquests in history. In another time, perhaps with his talent, Napoleon was indeed able to unify the world.
Use powerful legions and clever tactics to conquer the globe

A military strategy game set during the period of a well-known great general

“I should have conquered the world.” This is a famous saying of the talented general Napoleon Bonaparte. I don’t know if the deep meaning really contains the regret of unfulfilled ambition, or simply wants to talk about the ideal life that Napoleon pursues. No one understands. History never lies. His personal life was full of ups and downs, but the many victories in human civilization prove that he is a skilled general.


Grand War: Napoleon MOD APK is a combination of sandbox strategy and fast-paced military tactics. It takes place in 18th century Europe’s chaotic period between the Great French Revolutionary War (France) and the Battle of Waterloo.

In the game, you will, in turn, transform into famous generals from different countries such as Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher, Kutuzov, Joachim Murat, Blücher, Davout, Ney, Bismarck, Moltke, Alexander, Wilhelm I… and other famous military names of the Great War. Your mission is to lead your army to victory, dominance over all of Europe, and expansion to the rest of the world.

You can create many different battles with the sandbox

The ideal way to show the great battles of history is through sandbox simulation. The freedom to do whatever you like, without restrictions, and the constant changing environment that reflects the unpredictable nature the battles. Grand War Napoleon allows you to adjust your tactical goals based on battlefield conditions. You can also create legions and units of soldiers (cavalry artillery, infantry), and conduct scientific and technological research to develop military forces. Every second of every minute is exciting and new.

Grand-War-Napoleon-MOD-APK2Grand War: Napoleon MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Playing Grand War: Napoleon MOD APK, you will take turns going through 50 levels to “feel” the taste of historical war in this time of turmoil. Each general you embody has its own strength and skill. Use those strengths to defeat and lead some of the most famous legions in history, such as Old Guard, Prussian Artillery or Dragoon, the spearhead Cavalry of Poland, Highland Light Infantry or Battleship. You will hold a lot of power and power, showing it where, how, what tactics, completely depends on the player’s war strategy skills.

High mobility war strategy game

Mobility in Grand War Napoleon MOD APK: You, as a general can mobilize troops at all times, rush into battle or enter into a fortress across the river. It is you who know your army best. Because you were the one who built the army and specialized weapons for each unit of troops before they went to battle. Each team has its own characteristics. You can take advantage of the strengths and use another army to address the weaknesses. This will allow you to continue your conquest.


Every battle has a primary mission. It is obvious right from the beginning. This mission is your ultimate goal. But along the way, when fighting, there will be countless random events that follow one after another like moving guerrilla, scouting the situation, landing troops, voluntary repatriation… Grand War: Napoleon not only let the players go into the world of extremely rich war tactics of talented generals, but also help you create your history. In which, some outstanding general could fulfill Napoleon’s unfinished dream: Unify Europe, rule the world.

It is important to ask where tacticalness comes from.

This combination formula is: elite corps + advanced weapon + good leadership + appropriate tactics + favorable terrain. It is difficult to get this combination in your hands, but you will win every battle.

We are determined to fight the enemy

Your enemy is everywhere. They are clearly aiming from the beginning and will not stop at anyone. In each battle, the enemy’s strength in addition to the energy column (health) also has a mental system. If you can’t use force to defeat the great force, you can switch to another attack such as lowering the enemy’s morale to wear down the will to fight and gradually destroy their ability to resist. You can use the scout troops, sneak attack troops and the complex hiding terrain to your advantage. The spirit of victory will be won. From a few hours playing Grand War, the most important lesson I have learned was Napoleon.Grand-War-Napoleon-MOD-APK4

Grand War was a constant war: Napoleon lived through different seasons and weather conditions. Each season and each place are deeply engraved into the natural landscape. A healthy and strong army is vital to defeating all enemies.

A great general’s work

You will be responsible for leading your troops to many activities at headquarters, such as building new towns, recruiting soldiers, training soldiers and producing resources.

You’ll also need to continuously develop your army, collect more resources and manpower in conquered areas, and have a team talented scientists to research, create, and promote important national and regional inventions. These technologies not only improve the combat capabilities of all the units you hold but also bring long-term economic benefits after the war, like upgrading firepower, creating stealthy weapons with good silence, using fog to attack enemies…

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Main Features

Experience the epic battles of different periods on more than 50 levels:

The Famous Generals are all strong

  • Joachim Murat, Blücher, Davout, Ney, Bismarck, Moltke, Alexander, Wilhelm I

The most famous legions of history

  • French Guards, Prussian Heavy Cannons and British Dragoon are just a few of the many options.
  • You can command historical battles from different periods and conquer the globe at 50+ levels.
  • Simulate different weather conditions and seasons, these are the real military games.
  • Dozens upon dozens of arms, cavalry and artillery, as well as infantry.
  • We have optimized the artistic effects for the sandbox wargame, giving it a more realistic battlefield setting and beautiful models.

Take on the world

  • Mobilize troops and charge into battle to rekindle the battle for history.
  • Recruit them to your regiment, and you will create a conqueror force.
  • Command your army and achieve strategic objectives in strategy gaming
  • In a very short time.
  • In war games, adjust strategic objectives in accordance with the battlefield. Also, create military units.
  • You can replay every game session and have endless replayability thanks to random events like landing operations, guerrilla movements and voluntary recalls. You’ll be totally making your own history in the army games.
  • Every battle is unique due to the unique combination of terrain and generals as well as weapons and troops.


  • Resources production, town construction, soldier instruction. Use your strategy for victory!
  • Use resources from conquered areas to build your army and improve the nation’s technology.
  • Research new technologies to improve combat effectiveness for all units. This includes improving the coverage of large buildings and firepower.


  • Fog of war: Beware of enemy ambushes You can also use the fog for ambush purposes.
  • Terrain restrictions make it more difficult to play in battle
    Challenge operations: Test your commanding ability in strategy games by challenging the limits
  • Win war within the stipulated conditions. This will test your commanding abilities.

Coming Soon

  • Conquer Europe: A New World

Grand War: Napoleon Reviews

XxMigrainexX d’al Braskia: Because of its economy system, mechanics and animations, I find this game more challenging and enjoyable than most other games. Although the writing is terrible, there are many typos and speech bubbles that appear at inappropriate times. They can also be confusing and sometimes h…

Dan Standeven: I’ve been playing the game for quite some time. It is engaging, fun, and well worth your time and money. Joynow, more games like this are needed soon. I’m almost done with it. Excellent! I will recommend this to others.

Dan Rumley: It’s a great game and very enjoyable to play once you understand the mechanics. You can easily get money and your troops are able to level up. There are several levels that you can complete in just two turns. So, just finish and repeat. But medals are not yet complete. As a bug, I keep g…

Anthony Biggar: This is a fantastic game. It would be great to have a Rise of Rome game where you could play as Rome, Gaul or Carthage. It would be great if that was possible. A first in the Napoleonic Era, it’s an interesting idea to unlock a FEMALE general. Overall, a good game with great funcionality.

Patrick Mcdermott: It is far more fun than I imagined. The overall strategy and the resource strategy are excellent. Also, the battle tactics make for an exciting fight.You can find it here!

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