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Updated On July 25, 2022
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Grand Summoners Introduction

Grand Summoners APK offers many challenges. There are innocent people who need to be saved from this tribulation. Get this game and help the kingdom regain its peace!


The dream of a young hero begins this game. It causes despair as the peace enjoyed by people for centuries is threatened. Demon Seal, an evil lord, has arrived on Earth. His army is rising to take down this place. Raktehelm is the first victim. This threat is being stopped by the heroes of the kingdom. You are the shining jewel of the dark swamp with the noble mission to preserve people and maintain peace. Grab your sword and begin the journey to save the kingdom.

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Grand Summoners’ APK uses turn-base gameplay. It is easy to use. You will be able to control each character in your team individually, and use their skills to damage the enemy squad. When one of the enemy forces is eliminated, the battle is over. You and your team will win the battle, which will give you experience that will allow you to level up.

As the story unfolds, so will new characters, new lands and stories about their lives. All this will require you to confront. Sometimes it is hard to feel good. But if you can get over it, the battles you win will be meaningful. You will also see the joy and peace in the lives of the people you risk your life for.

Grand Summoners has two rounds. The first round includes three elements: Fire, Earth, Water. These elemental characters will compete with each other using the rule Fire is stronger that Earth, Earth and Water. The second round is Dark, Light, or None. This round has the same rules. You must pay attention not only to your skills but also to which characters you are using to combat the enemies when you head to the battlefield.


There are many characters to this game. Each character has a unique destiny and story. You can recruit them, send them together to fight on the battlefield, and then listen to them in order to better understand them.


However, they can have special abilities that will increase their effectiveness. Most characters have a rank of 2 to 3 stars when they are created. You can upgrade their power to increase their effectiveness.


Single-players is the default game mode. In this game mode you can control your squad during battles throughout story. If you find yourself feeling a little bored or lonely when facing monsters alone, co-op mode is a good option. You can create a team of up to four players. The system will match you with other players online if there aren’t enough friends.

Co-op supports both story battles and real-time battles with other players. It is easy to see why Co-op makes Grand Summoners so special. You should download it now to experience it.


Grand Summoners APK created the 2D graphics platform that features beautiful color effects. The skills allow the character to create lightning or fire circles. This effect makes it more exciting and lets the opponent know that the battle is fierce.


The characters’ design is excellent, right down to their shape and the clothing of warriors. Although all the images are still, they were simulated. However, their eyes and emotions did not reflect that. The context (including the background) is quite varied and it looks nice and varied. It includes desolate forests, caves and dungeons filled with monsters.

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Main Features

Recommend for

  • For anime fans who like exciting battles but with very simple controls
  • JRPG enthusiasts who wish to be transported to a fantasy world
  • Console gamers who wish to ease their childhood pains, any time, anywhere
  • The people who want to be in control of their destiny
  • Competitive players who are determined to be the best in PvP
  • Adventurers seeking flashy RPG battles


  • Humankind’s centuries of peace are ripped from the seams as banished Demons return to
    Raktehelm is in your hands!
  • Once again, the time is right for legendary heroes to fight against the evil threat and restore justice.

Characters bring the story to life

  • Call in ancient heroes and embark on a grand adventure.
  • RPG Style: Create strategies and raise your characters!
  • To save the world from demon destruction, form the ultimate team!
  • For colossal collaborations, team up with famous anime characters!

Multiplayer up to 4 players

  • Your bonds will be strengthened by fighting!
  • Online, face mighty bosses with adventurers all over the globe!
  • Co-op battles are a great way to get rid of stress!

Passionate, uncompromising graphics

  • All things in overwhelming quality: Units, bosses and backgrounds
  • This is the place to go for RPG enthusiasts!

Grand Summoners Reviews

Jimmy Neo: A very original game featuring anime collabs. This game is luck-based, as it’s a gacha game. Enjoy the journey and be patient. If you don’t have all the items and units, what is the point? Played for 500+ days. Still enjoying it, even though I don’t have End Game Units such as Juno, Liza, etc. Happy Gaming: Expectations will eventually disappoint.

Kitty Caretaker: It’s awesome that it doesn’t have ads. But you don’t need to pay for summoning equipment. I’d like to see the 11 summon always give you at least one hyperrare or increase the summoning rates for cross-overs.

Imperial Centaur: It’s a wonderful game. I love the way it’s easy to play, but requires skill. I also hate the fact that when I summon on a step-up summon it doesn’t always give me the best or most valuable summons. Enery management can be a little expensive, but overall I find the game very enjoyable and have not had any issues.

Ruegen Canon: This game is great except for one thing. That is, you can’t trade.

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