Publisher B.V.,
Category Casual, Simulation,
Latest Version 0.4.6553
Size 142MB
MOD Features No Ads
Requirements Android 4.1++
Updated On August 5, 2022
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Global City Introduction

Download Global City Mod APK (No Ads) Latest Version Free for Android to gather resources, use these resources to build your world as you produce more resources. Take the management and planning of Global City into your capable hands!


Global City is a building simulation from Red Brix Wall. It is an amazing city building simulator for Android users, and it has top-notch graphics. In this game, you’d build residential houses, skyscrapers, administration buildings, and shopping malls. You’d also build railway stations and ports in this game.

Global City Mod APK is super engaging, and players can mine different items, including fossil fuels. You can also produce higher-level resources and materials. Use all these items to build a state-of-the-art processing plant and factory.

Another thing that makes this game to be engaging is that players can sell commodities. However, this is only for ready-made commodities. Upgrading your buildings in this game is another vital thing. You can do this by getting as many blueprints as you can when playing the game. What building knowledge and skill do you have? You can put it all to work in Global City Mod APK.

One way to make your city flourish is by completing different quests. Your city residents will confront you with different business propositions. This is usually in the form of quests for you to complete. The amazing thing is that you’d be rewarded for every quest you successfully complete.

Global-City-Mod-APK1Global City Mod APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Complete these quests to earn resources and items. To complete the tasks, you can manufacture cars and fulfill different orders. The aim is to get enough rewards and use o set up an empire.

As your city grows, you’d need to do certain things to help you cater to its needs. This includes utilizing tax-savvy strategies to expand your city. With your ingenious managerial skills, you can build a business district and increase your population. Can you turn your once small settlement into a big city?

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Main Features

  • Build And Develop Your Very Own City: Global City is a city-building simulator that distinguishes itself from its peers with its high-quality graphics. Skyscrapers and residential houses, shopping malls and administration buildings, the port and the railway are bound to pleasantly surprise you with their unique and magnificent hi-tech designs.
  • Develop And Control Resource Production: In this game, you can mine for various types of fossil fuels as well as produce higher-level materials and resources. Build a processing plant and a state-of-the-art factory. Sell ready-made commodities at the exchange and send off ships loaded with resources. Get blueprints, which you can use to upgrade buildings! Put all your skills and knowledge into building a bustling megapolis!
  • Complete Quests To Make Your City Flourish: Meet your city’s enthusiastic residents, who will always have all kinds of business propositions for you. Complete quests, earn items and resources by fulfilling orders, manufacture cars, and get rewards! All international business empires start small!
  • Chat With Friends: City development is essentially a joint venture. Luckily for you, in this game, you can create friendly communities, chat in English, trade resources, and provide support to each other. Your team spirit will strengthen your bonds when competing for the top places in tournaments, as well as amazing prizes!
  • Collect Taxes And Increase The Population: Your city has to grow! Your ingenious managerial solutions and tax-savvy strategies will enable you to increase the population, expand the city limits, develop a business district, and eventually turn that small settlement of yours into a thriving megapolis.

Global City Reviews

Emma Ratcliffe: Great graphics! Entertaining with lots of features to progress upon development of construction. Can take time but then Rome wasn’t built in a day lol. My only critic is that don’t put decorations behind the “main pit storage” because when completed you cannot move the item. It would be a good idea if the developers of the game could update this issue, such as in shadow mode being able to move building and especially decorations & not just allow you to build roads.

Jenni Henderson: This game is addicting. Love the graphics, you don’t have to spend alot of “Real” money to advance to the next level like most games. I give this game 5 stars but here are a few of my complaints: WAREHOUSE: Just wish we were able to make more space in the warehouse. Why “win” warehouse upgrades if it doesn’t expand to hold 150 items? GLOBAL EXCHANGE: Everyone sells the same thing, almost hard to purchase items needed. EVENTS: It takes forever to upgrade buildings. Please fix these! Thanks

Matt Smith: Having a blast takes a while to expand your city but gameplay is smooth and the ads asking for you to purchase items to advance faster are annoying i been playing over a month and still have nothing bad to say id like to have some surprise gifts now and then to help adcance free instead of having to pay …like gifts for our hours of gameplay literally hours ….

Download Global City: Build and Harvest APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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