Publisher DAERISOFT,
Category Adventure,
Latest Version 2.0.80
Size 303MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On January 14, 2022
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GETCHA GHOST Introduction

GETCHA GHOST MOD APK combines adventure, role-playing elements, and classic match 3 puzzles to create a unique ghost summoning experience.

Summon ghosts everywhere

“Getcha Ghost” means “Got you, ghost”. Just the name says the whole main idea of ​​this strange but equally interesting game. You take on the role of a powerful mage that can defeat ghosts. Your village is at risk. You will need to summon ghosts from the area and use them to defeat more evil ghosts/monsters.

Ghost hunting starts. You will never stop once you have entered the first match, captured the first ghosts, and experienced the first match 3. You will be pulled in every way by the game’s progress and the thrill from the little details.


GETCHA GHOST MOD APK can be played against the computer or in real-time 1vs1 with other players. A Giant Ghost mode allows you to fight several huge bosses that appear in the game.


Let’s take a look at the summary of the main surprising features before going into details:

  • Ghost hunting with your phone camera
  • Unlimitable resource rewards
  • For your chance to join the force, defeat sage and weak spirits. This formation can be used to combat ferocious spirits.

The magic ghost hunting mechanism is the first. Because of its complexity, this game uses AR technology. Few mobile games can do that. With modern AR, players can catch ghosts by using the phone’s camera to take pictures. Take a photo of any ghosts you see on the screen. You can immediately capture these ghosts in your ghost shop to enrich your collection. They are now yours. You can make full use of all power.

Next, we will show you how GETCHA GHOST MOD APK takes players from capturing ghosts and fighting demons. You must constantly capture more ghosts to increase your inventory in order to fight demons. Shinbi is the first of many ghosts you can conquer. There is only one of them at first. This will help you defeat a weak demon. Then, you will be invited to a match. These match-3 puzzles will give you more ghosts depending on how many blocks you have dropped. Shibi Goblin needs 5-6 blocks, Shinbi Mark needs 7-8 blocks, Shibi Bat needs 9-10 blocks. To increase troops’ strength, there are Energy-type rewards. In this example, 1 Ghost Energy will be awarded if you connect 11-13 identical blocks. Match 3 challenges can provide additional weapons for ghosts. As in the same example, by disappearing at the same time 14 blocks of the same color or more, you will get a Shibi’s Yoyo as a weapon.

When match 3 starts, it’s also when the new battlefield comes out. The screen can be divided into two parts. The part above is the battleground of your faction and the devil’s faction. The demon waits in the right-hand corner of the screen. The remaining vertical screen is a match 3. It contains the reward symbols for the blocks that I have just mentioned. If you remove several blocks, a new ghost will appear and launch an attack against the opposite side. The greater the chance to kill the devil, the more attacks you have. Your pocket will be filled with gold coins. Victory will come quickly, too.

More and more difficult

This is only the first level. Match 3 will be more difficult and require more blocks. Although the demons in the above picture aren’t standing still, they will attack very quickly. You can easily be defeated if your speed is more than a second. To defeat the demons, you must focus on match 3. Choose the ghosts and strong weapons to fight first. Then attack quickly at the beginning. But remember to watch out for the match-3 part, if the blocks all rise high and get stuck there, you’ll die too.

Everything is moving at an increasing speed. This forces you to be flexible, to think quickly, and to act quickly to send troops into battle. A match can quickly end. However, it takes a lot of effort from all players to make it last. It is easy to say that you will win GETCHA GHOST, but it is difficult to do.


Graphics and sound

GETCHA GHOST MOD APK uses 2D graphics. Although they come in a variety of ghost species, the idea is not frightening. They are actually quite funny. The image of the good ghost friends is especially cute.

The colors on the match 3 screens are very good. Not too vibrant, but enough to make you feel fresh. It’s very appealing to see attacks on the devil during combat. It brightens up the entire screen. After each attack, the demons become weaker, making the player content.

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Main Features

Capture Mode – Capture Ghosts to fight on your side!

  • Slowly rotate your phone and… Ghost!
  • Make your own ghost collection by capturing ghosts as they wander around.

Combat Mode: Fight evil ghosts and get rewards

  • You can have a lot of fun in Single Mode, 1v1 Duel Mode, and Giant Ghost Mode.
  • Call upon the good ghosts you’ve captured and defeat the evil ghost!
  • You will be rewarded with many rewards after you defeat them.


Erica Gibson: This is a great game. You can have a lot of ghosts. Have a lot goblins and large amounts of taffy. You will love the game.

Dian-Sonora Ardiarta: It is a great game. Cute characters. However, the progression is very slow. You will need to use the meta if you want to do more damage. This game is great, but it requires you to be committed if you want to do more damage. 5 stars.

Ipis Lord: My kid loves this series and is waiting eagerly for the next season. However, I was curious about how to transfer a save from another device.

Jonathan Wojcik: It’s fun to collect ghosts, particularly if you like the series. It would be great if more ghosts could have their X forms, as we see X different types of ghosts throughout the series.

Download GETCHA GHOST-The Haunted House APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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