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Introduction Game

Game of Thrones Conquest Mod APK (Unlimited Gold, Money) latest version free download for Android. This is a tactical role-playing game that follows the blockbuster movie of the same name about to be released for free on the Play Store by Warner Bros.

Game of Thrones: Conquest for Android is an MMO strategy game based on the famous award-winning series on HBO. As the leader, strengthen the strength, accumulate the resources needed to gain glory. Change the dangerous political landscape of Westero, build strategic alliances and defeat the threat of enemies. Take the position of supreme power and establish a strategic position on the Iron Throne to master Game of Thrones: Conquest for Android. You must fight to win the kingship. That is the ultimate goal to be achieved.

Although the teaser image of Game of Thrones: Conquest shows its graphics nothing outstanding compared to the popular MMO titles today. However, the gameplay of coordinating troops, building strongholds and the army requires high strategic thinking, promising to bring hours of intense, dramatic play. This is the game that the strategy game believers should not miss.

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Main Features

  • Build Your City & Army. Become a Lord of Westeros: Build a great house and create your sigil. Gather resources to grow your army and build up your city.
  • Form An Alliance. You will need some friends to truly conquer the Seven Kingdoms and win The Iron Throne! Game of Thrones: Conquest features an innovative alliance structure that is truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in a real-time Strategy RPG game. Recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise in a war to take The Iron Throne!
  • Raise Dragons – NEW! Dragons have arrived in Westeros and each kingdom has its own dragon egg. Hatch eggs and grow your own dragons! Will you use your great dragon to best your enemies or protect your castle? You decide!
  • Explore Westeros. Interact with key characters from Game of Thrones, conquer iconic locations, clash with your enemies, and spread your influence in this Strategy RPG game, based on the hit HBO series.
  • Master Your Strategy. Choose between deception and loyalty as you navigate a dangerous political landscape. Master the strategy of an innovative pledge system, recruit bannermen, fight battles with your allies and live out the GoT RPG fantasy of claiming The Iron Throne and winning The Great War.
  • Conquer Seats of Power. Conquer 120+ iconic Seats of Power like Winterfell and King’s Landing. Defend your strongholds, as each Seat of Power endows you with military and economic upgrades for your kingdom.
  • Craft Powerful Gear. Much like a fantasy RPG, in Game of Thrones: Conquest, you can craft and build powerful gear sets and equipment. Gain an edge and dominate your enemies in this RTS game!

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Reviews Of Game

Miracle Fili: I wish there were more options for your Avatar. Like a Valyrion Lord or Lady Avatar. And i wish the Tag name was a little bigger like 10 letters instead of 6 or 5 or something. Ive have been playing this for quite a while now, it has come a long way since the beginning, although i honestly think its addictive, i stopped for a while. Because its too expensive but overall its a fantastic game to play.

Gamer Kid: This is one of the best games I have ever played. I can’t stop playing. But there are glithes that I hate. They should have been fixed a while ago. In my opinion it was hard to hatch the dragon. I had to pay $4.99 to get dragon lore. My dragon is a whelp now but i dont want to lose all of my progress. Can you fix the glitches soon?

Dustin Shaw: It’s pretty cool however it would have been nice to pick your own castle and region. Instead of everyone having the same “Winterfell like” castle in the snowy mountains but on the map it’s in the desert under Sunspear? Also the upgrades should be visible not just numbered in accordance with each advancement.