Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad Mod Apk

Download Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad Mod Apk 44.4 (Unlimited Money)

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    Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad
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    Unlimited Money
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    Android 4.1+

Introduction Game

Galaxy Shooter APK is a strategy game with the same gameplay as the classic chicken shooting game but your opponent here is the animals in the universe, in Falcon Squad you will face the flying squadron and show off carefully. His shooting skills Super fast, super accurate.

Falcon Squad APK is built with a fictional background, in the near future, humans will conquer all the planets in the solar system, thus becoming the most powerful animal in the galaxy. Sensing that potential threat, all other animals unite their armed forces, determined to destroy humanity. And the human race will face a sudden attack. You, a reclusive hero, are now back on your own fighter plane in the battle against alien forces.

Falcon Squad has a beautiful interface, easy gameplay so it has become the first choice of many players. You just need to use your finger to control the spaceship, aim and destroy the flying eagle everywhere. The game gives you a certain number of lives, each explosion is a network will be deducted and the game will end if all networks are deducted.

Chicken Invaders 3 has many different versions in Chicken Invaders 3, this is one of the most searched versions, because Chicken Invaders 3 is the special version for Christmas and the image of the cooperated chickens . Add a funny Christmas hat.

Homescapes is a match-3 style puzzle game with unique interior decoration, if you are a fan of similar games, you will not be able to miss the house.

Along the way, players of the Falcon Squad can gather power to increase the firepower of the spacecraft and destroy enemies and bosses more easily. Many colorful gift boxes are everywhere, please think carefully before deciding to collect those gift boxes as it will change the spacecraft’s gun type.

RSsXeub - Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad 44.4 (Unlimited Money)Galaxy Shooter APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Fantastic visual: Gorgeous Pixel graphics, which reminds of old school retro games, is best fitting for vertical shooters. Epic exciting sky battles are waiting for the arrival of a true hero.
  • Exciting Campaign: More than 120 levels full of different challenging enemies and breathtaking action!
  • Epic Boss: Wipe out swarm of minions before challenging tough and fierce big Boss battles. Taste the Danmaku barrage of bullets!
  • Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Lots of fighter jets, supporting drones and gorgeous wings, ammunitions and guns, with various upgrade options to choose from, a full armory of high technologies to customize your partner!
  • More additional mode: Experience more of true space battles in different modes like PvP, Endless, Tournament,… or taking part in live events for even more rewards and excitement.
  • Unique PvP battles: Challenge your friends or random players through PVP battles! Fight and raise your rank to the top of the global leaderboard!
  • Retro modernized: Played or didn’t play Shmup (STG) game before? No matter, this is a Super-easy control game, so easy that a tutorial is not even needed! This top-down shooter will make you feel awesome and relive the old feeling of playing scrolling game!
  • Lead the humanity and bring us back to our glory day again. The force is with you!

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Reviews Of Game

Camarillo: I have had a cell phone since I went into business 1994-95. And I’m not a gamer. But recently I started playing this game and I know why I don’t play !! I can’t put the game down, it’s very interesting, not as addictive as I thought about how to describe it. Addiction or entertainment? It may be both, but I choose to say entertaining because I can put it down whenever I choose. Having returned to the game because I felt not playing well. Laugh out loud!

Monika Raphtalia Asuma: Instead of paying to win, this game is very interesting to play. Gradually getting tougher opponents is one of my favorites so I can manage to learn the model. Perhaps PvP needs some fixing in creating the match because most of the time. I was defeated several times by an opponent’s high-level upgrade. It will start defeating ELO when defeated at a higher level. And one suggestion, add another song for boss fights. The music in this game is also audible.

Charlie K Bales: Fun game. Help pass the time and be a good scrolling shooting experience. Lots of power ups, nice BFG and proper bad guys. Play fast-paced, seamless and easy to immerse yourself in. Overall, the space value on this original coin-operated game player. Remember her first computer with 20k RAM with an extended 16k RAM cartridge. I upgraded to Commadore 64 with 64k RAM running these gems. Hours of fun!

Jose R B: Instant addiction !! It’s all thanks to the great pixel art, sound effects and simple and good gameplay. If this game had a long and elaborate soundtrack that sounded like a retro space shooting game, I’d buy it.

G Walker: So are you tired of losing all your money in casino games? Are you tired of 3 puzzles? I knew for me I was! Then I ran through this falcon game, I was addicted. I love it. There are so many different parts of it, it’s never boring. Tired of the same ol, try it.