Galaxy Reavers - Starships RTS Mod Apk

Download Galaxy Reavers - Starships RTS Mod Apk 1.2.19 (Unlimited Money)

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    Galaxy Reavers - Starships RTS
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  • MOD Features
    Unlimited Money, Unlimited Khorium
  • Platforms
    Android 4.1+

Introduction Game

Galaxy Reavers – Starships RTS APK for Android is a top-notch strategy game made by Good Games. The game will take you to explore a vast universe in super beautiful, super sharp, and super sharp 3D graphics.

Coming to Galaxy Reavers, you will step into the vast universe and own modern fictional equipment. You’ll certainly be overwhelmed by the Engine Unity-powered 3D graphics, but it seems that the graphics gap between mobile and PC games has never been that close.

In Galaxy Reavers, to survive in large space. You need to build your own army and customize your warships in your space. You will also learn how to control them effectively against enemies. Conquer planets and expand your space empire.

The game requires you to carefully calculate each step. Each stage develops because your decisions will affect the strength of your forces later on. Like other real-time strategy games. You will collect resources, install equipment, upgrade ships, and grow your army to confront your enemies confidently.

Galaxy Reavers for Android is considered a pretty difficult game and suitable for hardcore gamers. But that doesn’t mean that casual gamers can’t experience it. Download Galaxy Reavers and enjoy gameplay with superb graphics!

V0zcDTm - Galaxy Reavers - Starships RTS 1.2.19 (Unlimited Money)Galaxy Reavers – Starships RTS APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features


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Reviews Of Game

Tobias MacRobie: Simple and attractive! No PvP is great as there are no P2W whales. Damaging the new player’s experience. You start with a small ship. You complete the mission to receive money. And guns for upgrading your ships and buying more ships. You have 3 fleets, each fleet can have 4 ships. Mission is a short battle with the goal. Destroy target, destroy all enemies or escort an allied ship. Your loot increases with progress. You can view multiple ads per day for premium currency. Great FX.

Timothy Covar: Very good player support here. In my opinion, the action fighting game is better. In Real 3D with the zoomable camera is doing here. Became the # 1 Space game on the Google Play Store. In my opinion it’s better than Star Trek Fleet Command. Friendly environment of helpful people. People who are not rude or disrespectful. Or none that I have seen so far. It takes some getting used to. But in a few short days you’ll quickly catch up.

Kennifer Crohns: So I found this game in a mobile game search rts. In my opinion this is not an rts. However, after three and a half days of playing, I was hooked. Absolutely no need to spend money. It doesn’t cost a penny as all ingame currency is easily earned in the game. Graphics are excellent. And the game is very fun. I just wish there was a pvp section online. Other than that. Solid 5 stars.

Jeremy Hirsch: The game is well built. No ads required you, thank you! But you can watch some for rewards, when you want. Good strategic elements with weapons. And different equipment needed for some encounters. Easy to play.