Galaxy of Pen & Paper Mod Apk

Galaxy Of Pen & Paper Mod Apk 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

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    Galaxy of Pen & Paper
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    Unlimited Money
  • Platforms
    Android 4.1+

Introduction Game

Galaxy of Pen & Paper APK for Android is an adventure RPG game that combines the action of fighting against aliens on mobile fun.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper players will create party and master the game by themselves. When immersive explore distant planets in your imagination. Fight against strange aliens. And save the galaxy from the era of dial-up Internet and floppy disk.

Your task is to assemble teams, choose players, races and classes. Unlock new content with blood, effort to complete tasks, dexterity and luck when shaking the dice. Will your team consist of Slayer Slayer Simian Savage or Thinker Green Medtech? Players have the right to customize everything from confrontation opponents to the Game Master table

You have prepared yourself to be amazed with countless interesting surprises. Spaceship battles, multi-choice stories, fantasy races and character classes, one-on-one battles, planetary travel and exploration, of course, also includes space travel and time.

Coming to Galaxy of Pen & Paper for Android, players can not only explore the mysterious galaxy. Also free to choose, develop squadrons together to team up to defeat the evil aliens. The plot is relatively open with many different directions depending on the player’s decision. Interestingly, right? If you are a fan of sci-fi games, this is the Galaxy of Pen & Paper for Android that should not be missed.

eZJJToY - Galaxy Of Pen & Paper 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)Galaxy of Pen & Paper APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features


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Reviews Of Game

David Castro: It was amazing. Runs great on Pixel 3 XL, load times are almost non-existent. It runs really sharp and clean. The game itself is excellent. Check out their pop culture, their past games, and more. All while playing a role-playing game is very well combined. It’s really good at getting you into the game. While keeping it simple enough to play in small amounts of time. Like your break or lunch. That being said, you won’t want to put it down. Very happy.

Adrian Foxx: I love it. I see complaints that it doesn’t pile up on the others. I think it excels in a few respects, mainly because hey that made this one and not another studio’s pandora mean second. You bought it, it’s yours, there’s no freemium here. The rpg-ception concept was great and I liked the dashing quests, having played it continuously. It is different from kopap, but in a good way because it feels original. Well done developers!

Peter Stehrer: So I bought this game when it launched. Over a year ago, on my OnePlus 2. It is a bit laggy and has huge load times. After getting my new phone. It doesn’t even work in the first place! But since the +1 update, it’s faster. And more stable than ever. Can’t wait to dive back in right away! And as some have mentioned – warm-up times are very long. But then the load time is very fast.

Riley Sikora: This is a great installment to the Pen and Paper series! My only problem is something’s missing. A playable insect build! I have beaten the game a few times already. And I always wanted to play with an insect on my team! Hopefully my teammates will receive it. Some representatives in a future update!