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Latest Version 1.1.0
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Updated On August 25, 2022
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Gacha Neon  Introduction

Gacha Club is an amazing game that everyone wants to play every weekend. This is a fashion game in anime-chibi style. You must collect many characters with their own looks, dress them up, take the pictures in the studio, and add backgrounds. Besides, Gacha Club is an action fighting game that you would not expect can be mixed with the above genre.
Gacha Neon  MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Your main task is to play mini-games to collect Byte (in-game money), gems, and gold to increase strength or unlock new characters. Then use your hero team to fight against the enemy, when you win, you will have more assets to continue unlocking new characters and troops. The above main process is also accompanied by attractive fashion events and a series of other interesting activities.

Now let’s talk about the battle in Gacha Club. Although it comes with a form of gacha full of luck and loss on highly customized fashion trends, the fighting part in Gacha Club is no less dramatic.

You will fight in turn-based combat. You click on the character card to use the corresponding hero. Pets are now no longer common friends just for a selfie but become useful tools to increase the damage of the character. This process is as exciting as any turn-based fighting game.

Deeper down, the developer wants to maintain the appeal and originality of the many-year-old Gacha Club game. Playing the same game for many years makes players easily bored and lose interest. Refreshing the game with new characters and new villains will help regain the player’s attention. Moreover, it helps to expand the world into more dimensions.

Main Features

  • Mode game offers endless possibilities.
  • More costumes, bags, expressions, and pets are available.
  • It is also possible to choose characters without ears or heads.
  • Music collection and selection can vary.
  • Live Studio has been upgraded to the next level.

Gacha Neon  Reviews:

Delilah Medina: Pretty good game, character adjustments are amazing. You can make whatever you want, the story itself is also good. Many people hate the Fandom but the game itself is amazing. But there are some glitches. A main problem I’m having Is the offline import. It keeps saying “offline import failed, modified values detected.” Hopefully that glitch can befixed, but other than that, it’s a pretty swell game.

DeyQrtz: Great for creating avatars of your characters. I find it extremely useful because sometimes I’m too lazy to draw my character and it’s also good with helping with designs. Drawing is hard alright so sometimes I like to make avatar makers do the work for me of course. Plus the art style is adorable and there’s a huge variety of customization options so the possibilities are endless! Absolutely love it :3

Abhista Roogi: I love this app. But sometimes when I play, the game kicks me out. Once the screen even got frozen. But, other than that, I love it! Customizing my character was fun, there was so many options. Battle mode is great, I love it. I have not tried Studio mode yet, but I hope it is cool. Everything else is perfect! I love this game and i surely reccomend it. Just please fix the bugs.

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