Fury Survivor Pixel Z Mod Apk

Download Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Mod Apk 1.0.61 (Free Shopping)

Introduction Game

Download Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Mod Apk latest version with Unlimited Money (Free Shopping) and Unlimited Gold mods + OBB free for Android 1 click. This game themed shooter with classic retro pixel graphics style

In Fury Survivor: Pixel Z game you face emotional obstacles and find a way to survive while exploring a world full of zombie enemies.

With the role-playing gameplay, players must now search for resources and learn different skills to support themselves when trying to overcome pitfalls and a world full of unpredictable enemies.

In the game you have to face many enemies from normal zombies to giant mutant bosses strong and must find a way to overcome a vast world, surrounding cities, forests and meanings. The land is full of zombies waiting to tear you away.

Players will also encounter normal characters throughout their journey of survival and hear their stories and build a safe place to rest when needed.

In addition, the game also has small activities for you to entertain like gardening or creating new stronger equipment with materials collected on the road.

With top notch retro pixel graphics, Fury Survivor: Pixel Z players will experience the classic battles with the usual death scenes in traditional survival role-playing games. Besides dozens of missions, different types of zombies, weapons to unlock, and more!

NDhFgWj - Fury Survivor: Pixel Z 1.0.61 (Unlimited Money)Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Find Family in Apocalypse: Your beloved wife and daughter disappeared in the apocalypse. In order to find them, you must travel through different areas and wipe out zombies along the way. The path is extremely perplexed. Just be brave, Warrior!
  • Zombie Slaughter Party: Kill or be killed, you have no choice! Infected zombies are everywhere, and you must become a ruthless killer. Carry your gear and weapons, enjoy a slaughter feast with your soaring adrenalin. The splashing blood and the burst of zombie brain will be your trophies. Kill all of them NOW!
  • Scavenge Supplies & Weapons: Arm yourself and be ready to fight anytime. Search for supplies such as food, beverage, equipment and weapons across the map. Diverse weapons are waiting for you to choose.
  • Build Viable System: In the Doomsday survival is the most basic goal. Utilize your camp to collect food, water, wood, etc., learn different crafts and create your own refuge. Remember, you are the Fury Survivor!

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Reviews Of Game

Daniel Asiko: Great game great storyline, only got one problem-offline mode. lts so nice snd amazing of you guys to make the game offline but you need an internet connection to log in to the game before you start playing. this really disturbs me when lm away from home and have no data. please make it fully offline. apart from that its an award winning pixel game. PLEASE dont ignore this!

Mark Lim: Wow! This game is freakenly amazing there are lots new things to discover, I highly recommend this game to my friends because I enjoy this game a lot. But I got one suggestion or maybe a request. please!!! Create some more new weapons & equipments for more enhance of this beautiful and interesting game all in all I give two thumbs up for this game.

Christian Najera: This game is amazing! Can you add more chapters and can you make it so that we could like make our own little base and that way we unlock more things. Also add like a secret bunker, almost like a safehouse. Keep it up!