Funky Bay Mod Apk

Download Funky Bay Mod Apk 35.972.0 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Funky Bay: Farm & Adventure Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Gems, Diamonds and Everything Update) latest version free download for Android 1 click. This is a mobile farm game with beautiful graphic design and exciting new gameplay. Play the farm owner in Funky Bay to apply his great knowledge in farming to make the farm grow stronger and stronger.

Join Funky Bay, you will be welcomed to a tropical island full of fun. Enjoy building your own town and farm. There are many types of plants and animals like chickens, cows, poles, goats for you to take care of and breed. Harvest crops, process them at your factories, and sell them to collect money for expansion and development of the farm. Fulfill orders, explore new lands, even build yourself a personal zoo.

At first the island in Funky Bay for Android will be very desolate and the player’s task is to renovate this place, turning it into a lush and rich paradise. Like other farm games, you will cultivate, raise animals and build countless buildings for accommodation as well as production and business development.

In Funky Bay, with the amount of agricultural produce, you can trade with residents of neighboring islands or build factories to produce new products and sell. Sometimes surfers or boats will visit your island to buy some essential products. This is an opportunity for you to gain huge profits.

DmXzgDb - Funky Bay: Farm & Adventure Game 35.972.0 (Unlimited Money)Funky Bay APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Breathtaking scenery and stunning graphics
  • Create and customize your very own farm with tons of different buildings and decorations
  • Harvest crops and fruit to craft valuable goods
  • Trade with island neighbours and friends
  • Begin your adventure with EXPEDITIONS on different islands in Funky Bay
  • Get pets and animals for your own farm zoo
  • Buy and sell valuables on the global marketplace with other players
  • Explore and expand your beautiful island
  • Embark on exciting and risky adventures for more resources
  • Play 100s of different quests with guaranteed bonuses and souvenirs!
  • Interact with the fun local characters!

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Reviews Of Game

Brandy Armes: Love this game. I wake up everyday to check my game and to collect my goods. The only thing I dont like is that it takes a lot of energy to complete the events. You do get a lot of energy to start out with but it takes alot to pull plants and rocks to get to where you got to in order to be able to move on so with that being said i have not even got close to completing one event yet. It also takes quite a bit to build bridges which comes back to racing & waiting every 10 mins to get goods.

Becca Lynn: This game is Addictive! At first it was hard because i didnt understand the growing food, collecting eggs..and so forth.. But now im on level 28 and i still cant stop playing. I wish it was easier to level up and gain more property , but at same time its the first game thats kept my attention for months now. Thanks for creating this game! And please continue with the sale on gems! Not so much clam bank but sale keep me buying!

Martin Joseph Kavanagh: I have up rated the game. But as l said in the last review can you possibly change the characters from the cartoon characters to human like to make it more realistic. Please the game would be a lot better if you can thank you.