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Download Freelancer Simulator Inc Mod Apk 1.62 (Free Bitcoin)

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    Freelancer Simulator Inc : Game Dev Money Clicker
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    Free Bitcoin
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    Android 4.1+

Introduction Game

Freelancer Simulator Inc Mod Apk (Free Bitcoin). Did you ever wonder how is being a freelancer developer? In this idle clicker game, you are a freelancer designer and developer but you are not stuck in a boring room. You are a social geek and you travel while you are working. And you own a cute caravan and spending your days on the beach. You have even a night club full of people! All you care about is cash and having fun!

This is a 2d simulation/ idle clicker game. Your goal is to become rich and enjoy your life as a freelancer developer. You have unlimited options to do in the game. Not like other games, you are working in a relaxing environment and you can always add new things to your world. Things you buy for your workplace affect your psychology and helps you work better. You complete tasks buy clicking. You will become a faster clicker step by step. Don’t forget to open the gift box on your llama to win cash every hour.

In the beginning of the game, you need to complete simple jobs for little money. Since it is a simulator/idle clicker tycoon game, you get experience everytime you complete a contract you start to earn much more money like in real life.You should be aware of that your character gets hungry and loose his mental health.In the market place you can buy foods, equipment for your job and furnitures. You have plenty of things to buy in the shop. From a brand new computer to a caravan. You just need to have cash!

Z8xMSK2 - Freelancer Simulator Inc 1.62 (Free Bitcoin)Freelancer Simulator Inc Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • New investment options in city
  • Upgrade options for your existing investments
  • New skins and characters in the shop
  • New furnitures and caravans
  • Different bitcoin mining options

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Reviews Of Game

Brandon Dodd: It’s a decent game but it’s needs more home screen interaction and same for the club. I would like to see a new game development set up it’s kinda hard to use and the earning are always pretty low.

Poi Jilk: Bob onocean #5 top score now im mertdirtswateryurts, upgraded and lost my score. love the idea. with changes. there’s a pretty good game in there somewhere. try it. needs faster way to buy the level ups. holding a button, watching a very slow # counter, hours at a time waiting for a single place to level. this is the game for you. they should give you choices like buy 1, 100, or max level up. no not in this game. after first phase. you must spend many hours just holding the level up.

Karma: Fun tycoon game, worth the download. Dont need wifi, cant remember seeing an ad yet, no pressure to buy boosts. Unique in its own way. I highly recommend the creator add a dump all money into a single investment property “button”, as im not as exited now to keep pushing through when I have to hold three new properties and max them out for 5 minutes each set every ten levels or so.