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Flip Runner Mod Apk 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Flip Runner Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Flip Runner is a great action and simulation game, centered around the extreme sport of Parkour. Here, you will help Parkour experts perform the acrobatics sequence with an increasing level of risk.

Parkour is a street art that is loved by many young people who love adventure. But many people say that “Playing Parkour is like committing to the path of suicide” because players will suffer many injuries of varying degrees of severity. If you love Parkour’s “Magic Dance”, but don’t have the courage to perform risky tricks, you can still enjoy this sport in Flip Runner.

Run on the roof, jump from the antenna mast, slide down to the roof and solar panels, learn countless new acrobatics techniques and become the best Freerunner ever – Flip Runner will satisfy you Your passion for parkout.

With an engine based on real physical mechanics and Ragdoll style animations, Flip Runner for Android delivers the most vivid and entertaining Parkour experience ever created.

Pay attention to the arrows as you prepare to perform the jump to get the perfect performance. An upward arrow means you will jump higher in the air. And with the horizontal arrow, you will jump further.

Flip Runner Mod ApkFlip Runner Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Unparallel Physics Gameplay: Truly original, based on hit games Flip Diving & Flip Master, improved for parkour perfection!
  • Huge Amount Of Tricky Challenges: Fun & challenging, success & select any tricks to use for any challenge!
  • Get So So Fire Characters: Flip as a Ninja, Gymnastic, Sports mascot and even with inflatable T-Rex costume! Every character has their own unique features! Improve and train the characters for maximum parkour performance!

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Reviews Of Game

Charis Abbas: Incredible…. And hoping for years for something this good and extremely polished. Wow! Another huge plus on this game is that you can continue from a failure spot by simply watching a short video. Instead of being forced to deal with your phone being hijacked for 30 seconds or more like other games

John Mansell: Everything is perfect but I found a glitch on level 69. When I mess the second edge I land on the pad. But when I go to jump my character glitches out and stays in one place so I am going to rate 5 stars but please fix this.

Rohan Khadgi: This is the best game for me . It is better than freefire and pubg. I have compeleted all the challanges waiting for other hard challanges.

Fraser Craig: Really Good Game This game is really enjoyable and addictive. It just needs some more levels!