Publisher Hello Games Team,
Category Casual, Simulation,
Latest Version 1.1000.129
Size 125MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.0++
Updated On June 23, 2022
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Fitness Club Tycoon Introduction

Fitness Club Tycoon APK is a casual simulation game with exquisite graphics. In the game, you will play the role of a slimming club’s boss, annd run slimming boot camps, help customers who need to slim down exercise to lose weight and help them regain their perfect figure.


In this game, you only have one goal in mind which is to grow your gym and earn more profits. There are a lot of benefits of starting a gym as you can help a lot of people get fit.

Here, you can unlock and buy so many gym equipment from treadmills, battle ropes and even swimming pools. There are so many employees which you need to hire as well to grow your business. Fitness Club Tycoon APK where you can interact with customers.

Fitness-Club-Tycoon-APK1Fitness Club Tycoon APK – Gameplay Screenshot

You can unlock many facilities and equipment like treadmills, restaurants, swimming pools, and many more. You can then hire more receptionists, trainers and more and level them up to provide more satisfactory service.

Fitness Club Tycoon APK that you can enjoy anytime as you don’t have to manually play it. It will automatically generate profits for you.

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Main Features

Build your very own gym

  • Huge map scenarios where you’re free to expand anywhere! Like the Hawaiian style beach theme? Or do you prefer the forest theme of the Amazon rainforest? Or do you want to cover the outside of your gym with super cool rides? All you need to do is flick your fingers and it’ll be right in front of you without having to wait!

Immersive Realistic Gym Experience

  • There are treadmills, battle ropes, swimming, calisthenics, boxing and a wealth of other sports, each with a unique and interesting visual animations. Watch the guests working out hard in each gym and feel the fat burning!! You’ll even move along with the poses of the customers to the upbeat music!

Recruit employees with unique personalities.

  • Have you ever seen a tricky employee who comes to work with a bombastic hairdo? Ever seen an NBA player come out of retirement to teach you how to train with a battle rope? A chef who comes to apply for a job in order to lose weight, whom you even have to watch out for him sneaking out the food prepared for the customers! But our professional trainers will keep an eye on those lazy customers for you, so you just need to enjoy the beauty of it all in front of your screen!

Fun interaction with customers

  • They need to be pushed during the weight loss process! Quickly encourage those customers who want to give up halfway and keep them going. In the end, your customers will successfully slim down, have a noticeable change in their bodies, and become handsome and beautiful while having better health. Also, when exercising they need energy! Don’t forget to provide them with food, drinks, and even leisure services such as spa and private cinema, they will love it here and you will be one step closer to global fame!

Fitness Club Tycoon Reviews

Raquel NC: The problem has been fixed at least on my end thank you,, this game is enjoyable! Waiting to open the 3rd gym though. This game is very enjoyable, but I get to gym 2 and I start leveling that up, but I close out to let it idle for a bit and it doesn’t open or start up again after a while, I have Uninstalled the game and lost everything except the stuff I bought and recovered, I don’t feel like starting over, please fix, I had 6k of those purple gems and lost it all again…

Aiden L: Great experience! Very fun. The UI is very snappy and colorful, which makes it more satisfying. And even though its game, I feel great helping these people lose weight. Lol

Kris Ohanian: I can get back in the game! Thank you so much! 🙂 I really like the game, but now I can’t get pass the loading screen. It just loads and loads, with the same 3-4 tips cycling. I thought it was my wifi, but using data didn’t work either. I saw that there were two updates since I installed it, but nothing seems to help it. Maybe it’s my phone, but I took a screen recording and can give info if needed. Hopefully I can get back on it! 🙂

Download Fitness Club Tycoon APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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