First Strike: Final Hour Mod Apk

Download First Strike: Final Hour Mod Apk 2.0.5 (Unlocked)

Introduction Game

First Strike: Final Hour APK for Android is a global strategy game. Must use nuclear weapons to occupy the Nation and conquer the entire planet.

You are invited to choose from three parties to the conflict. In real life, home to the largest nuclear powers, the US, North Korea and Eastern Europe (including the Russian Federation).

You will have to choose which attack to land first to step on the throne, dominating the world. Nations are well defined and the game offers us their advanced offensive, defensive and weaponry capabilities.

The game is to occupy the surrounding areas and build troops. It is not only necessary to attack neighboring States, but also to defend itself against encroachments on their lands.

All of this is done through the construction of rockets at different ranges, air defense systems and missiles. Occupied areas need to be developed.

First Strike for Android is another great global strategy with its own style. The gameplay is interesting and the ability forces the player to think about each step.

IybRQ4n - First Strike: Final Hour 2.0.5 (Unlocked)First Strike: Final Hour APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • An escalation is a downward spiral.
  • Build your army and occupy the surrounding area
  • The world of nuclear weapons.
  • Colonization development
  • Excellent 3D graphics
  • Realistic nuclear explosion sound

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Reviews Of Game

Owen Clayton: An interesting strategy game. The game is pretty easy if you have high APM. After playing, I found that cruise missiles are the best mission in the game. Construction speed is very fast and you can also protect your territory with it. You need to expand your territory quickly at the beginning of the game. And build lots of cruise missiles. In each territory you own to defend your territory afterwards. Keep researching until you unlock the special weapon after that. You won quite a lot in the game.

Dylan Baker: It’s not a multiplayer game though. But this is a really fun and fun game to play. There are more difficult missions and modes. As you continue to play it will make this game really fun and interesting. Plus the kind of great super power you can unlock. The graphics are also great and the interface is really smooth. Makes it a unique game to play. Can’t wait for a multiplayer version to come out!

Anit Boonlue: Great game! Normally do not bother buying mobile games. But I bought this right after playing the free version. The gameplay is really fun, good replay value. Combine strategy and action well. Highly recommended! The only problem I have. Is that I did not get credit for victory over Australia in heavy mode. But not a big deal. Try it out!

Solar Garlic: It’s really fun that I enjoy playing a game like this. Especially on the phone! I think the graphics are great and I spent countless hours playing. Developers listen to the problems. Which their community encounters and fixes on. Definitely worth the money I spent on it.