Publisher Ltd, SQUARE ENIX Co,
Category Role Playing,
Latest Version 5.0.1
Size 84MB
MOD Features High Damage, Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius APK for Android is the latest version of Square Enix’s unique Final Fantasy series. The game will take you to the mysterious and beautiful Final Fantasy world, where tactical battles, magic and many other mysteries will be revealed gradually.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, players will experience a completely new RPG game genre. Designed in classic Final Fantasy style along with the characters. Step out of the movie brings players into the magical and vague world of the famous Final Fantasy series.

In the game, you will recruit many legendary heroes with their own strengths and abilities. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for Android opens up a new world, immersive style adventures extremely impressive!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius takes you to a chaotic world of life and death, light and shadow, power and alliance battles.

As young, passionate and powerful warriors, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius players for Android will fight hard in real-time strategic battles for glory and justice!


Main Features

  • Simple combat and strategy features
  • Interactive, simple arena. Players only need to touch the screen to attack, but need a combination of magic abilities and strategic know-how to overpower opponents in strategic drills.
  • Great graphics deliver high-quality images
  • Search for items and conquer dungeons
  • Move characters through dungeons in search of items, secret paths and new paths to reach the final destination.
  • Talk to everyone in town to receive quests. Complete in-game quests to collect items, rewards and rare items.
    Supports many features of the RPG series only on handheld mobile devices.

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Reviews Of Game

Kevin Burgess: The game is really quite interesting. I’ve never spent money on games and I can. As an ftp player, completing the most difficult content. Yes, you can spend money to get stronger faster. But a working f2p player is not necessarily inferior to a ptp player. It doesn’t have to pay to win much. It gets paid to win faster. So much of the power of your characters. Need to be honed to achieve. And what can be bought with real money. Can be earned for free by playing aggressive. Besides those who want to pay to play less.

Conan Smeeth: I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan. So it’s nice to have the opportunity to play a game in a different style. Even with an original story. There is a lot regarding the previous games in the series. This warms my heart! Gameplay is quite simple. Because you only need to swipe to complete your action. That means you will probably play a lot. I would say that some other aspects (such as attribute increment) might take a bit to understand. But I don’t really have any problems with that.

Jason heart: This is a really fun game to play. But best of all, it has a pretty good free-to-play system. Where you just keep playing and you can get awesome equipment and units. I used to play brave frontier. And that game is a money sink. But with Exvius, I can only do events that always happen. Go through the story and log in the rewards. And getting the same benefits as paying to win a nice speed.

Sapphire lvi: This is a great game! I started playing not long ago, and I have enjoyed it! This should be 5 stars, and it will be once a major problem is fixed. When I start the app and let it start to load, it freezes. I leave this as a star to draw your attention on this matter. Once this is corrected, I will fix this. I just want to go back to play.

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