Fast & Furious Takedown Mod Apk

Download Fast & Furious Takedown Mod Apk 1.8.01 (Unlimited Nitro, Money)

Introduction Game

Fast & Furious Takedown APK is a new generation racing game inspired by the Fast & Furious blockbuster series. The game will take you to participate in dramatic races with the legendary cars of the characters in the movie.

Fast & Furious Takedown – brand new action game with top notch arcade racing elements. Join Fast & Furious racers in awesome but equally exciting races, building a dream garage filled with your iconic supercar in the movie.

In the game Fast & Furious Takedown, is to defeat opponents with extreme accuracy and dangerous action scenes by using simple controls to adjust the speed, bend the steering wheel skillfully, overcome through terrifyingly steep roads and driving through impossibly impossible barriers.

5ilvTc4 - Fast & Furious Takedown 1.8.01 (Unlimited Nitro, Money)Fast & Furious Takedown APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Action arcade style racing
  • The iconic super cars of the Fast & Furious series
  • Collect and upgrade vehicles in your garage
  • Causing opponents to “smell”

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Reviews Of Game

Jerry Scragg: Great game. I think it looks better with a boost button, instead of swiping. Swiping doesn’t work all the time, or it throws your car out of course. Add to this review. Why is that, every time you increase power, your opponent also accelerates? Unless you’re ahead of them, the acceleration is almost pointless to use to catch up or pass. In addition, will receive 27 notifications at once, all saying the same thing

Jake Kaskie: Great game while it lasts! Sad to see the game go to the belly. The controls are easy to learn, challenging and fun to play and race. And there are a number of cars to unlock at each level to customize. As much as I want to see the game back, I doubt it will happen.

DJ CMOCK: I downloaded this game. This game is the best racing game I’ve ever played. I really like the graphics of this game and all car collections. All the cars are very nice and the speed is gorgeous.

Arup Majumder: Great game I will say. But the problem is that it keeps saying you don’t have internet even if you do. So I think Asphalt 8 & 9 is better. But still a great game.

Dave 6997: I really enjoyed the game and its return to the previous stages of the movie. But like everyone posted here, the controls need a lot more freedom.