Publisher Playrix,
Category Puzzle,
Latest Version
Size 332MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 7.0+
Updated On April 19, 2022
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Introduction to Farmscapes

If you are tired of running on a deadline every day and want to return to your hometown to “raise fish and grow vegetables”, try Farmscapes MOD APK, an extremely interesting farm game of Playrix.

The story

Mary is a girl living in an emotionless, rushed city. People work without thinking about their surroundings and there are many sirens blaring in the streets. Mary felt exhausted and lost. She sees only the dark grey.

An ad in the paper brought sunshine to the gray, dark days. A country farm is being sold at very low prices. The ranch owner wants someone who is passionate about the land. Mary believed that this was a fresh start in her life. She also didn’t have anything to lose.

Farmscapes-MOD-APK1Farmscapes MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Match-3 puzzles are a great way to grow your farm!

If you’ve played Gardenscapes, another Playrix game, you will soon catch up with the gameplay of Farmscapes MOD APK. If you are new to rural life and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Phillip, your neighbor, will show you how to play this game.

Farmers get up at a reasonable hour every morning to start their work. You will plant trees, harvest, and then renovate your farm in the same way you always do, but not in the traditional manner. To improve your farm, you solve match-3 puzzles that yield coins and Horseshoes. Although the apple tree is beloved by children for its beauty, it has become unmanageable over time. You must water it, fertilize and care for it each day. Soon, it will soon become a children’s paradise.

To solve Farmscapes’ puzzles, you need to touch the tiles of the same color (from two or more) horizontally or vertically to break. You can break five bricks or more to create boosters. These boosters will help you eliminate all tiles in an area. Overall, the Farmscapes’ puzzles are not too difficult. Sometimes, the game has some extra requirements like collecting tomatoes, clearing the bushes… But I think, it just makes the challenges for you a little more difficult, not too much.

Decorate your farm

Mery felt disappointed when she first visited her farm. She thought it was too wild and sagging. The warehouse was in disarray and the crops had withered. It also seemed barren, as no one had taken care of it or watered it. Thanks to Phillip’s encouragement and devoted guidance, she began her journey to renovate this farm.


Horseshoes will be needed to decorate your farm. Make sure to tidy up the barn so you don’t leave behind gardening supplies or seeds. Is your bungalow looking a little dingy? Turn it into a beautiful home, the apartment you’ve dreamed of. An interesting little secret is revealed! Mary will make a new friend when she opens the bungalow. Edward, an intelligent cat, will be her friend.


Playrix is known for using bright colors and 3D graphics to create her games. Farmscapes MOD APK is the same. You will be immersed in the tranquil countryside and meet cute creatures.

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What’s new in the latest version of Farmscapes?

  • Pumpkin Event
  • Multiple levels will allow you to grow new crops, such as Pumpkin.
  • Garlic: Gather 4 Garlic pieces to remove all tiles from the board.
  • Pumpkin: Get 4 Pumpkin shards and remove all tiles from the board.
  • Wall: To pass the level, collect Wall pieces!

Main Features

  • Make the area a paradise by decorating it, planting a garden and taking care of the animals.
  • Get fruity boosters to beat the blues and get more out of your game
  • See how the story unfolds for Mary and Philip — their chemistry is undeniable!
  • Watch other people interact with one another and meet interesting characters
  • Farming and building are now more enjoyable than ever!

Farmscapes Reviews

Generose Coquilla: It makes me happy, and I really enjoy this game. The graphics are great, although there are some levels that can be very difficult.

Cora Dinese: This game was a great experience. It’s very nice graphics and the story is interesting but not too much. There are bonuses and gifts that will keep you entertained without spending money. It is possible to make great progress without it being too difficult.

DH tisme: The game is great, and I enjoy it as much as all Playrix titles. Other games I have downloaded, but ended up deleting. It’s either too difficult or boring. To get ahead, you will need to spend some serious money. Although there are challenging levels, you do not have to spend much money. You just have to be patient and work hard to overcome them. It is that aspect that makes it so enjoyable. It can become boring if it’s not challenging.

Chase Meto: I enjoyed the game, but it sometimes annoyed me when I couldn’t do it..but i couldn’t resist the unique story and the challenging stages.

Download Farmscapes APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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