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Download Farm Punks Mod Apk 2.01.00 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Farm Punks Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Farm Punks is a platformer game with a weird gameplay developed by Sleeping Large and published by Noodlecake Studios.

In Farm Punks you have to control the food, fruits and animals on the farm rolling down the market as quickly as possible to earn huge profits.

Brings an action game that combines farm management and obstacles. At this point you have to harvest the vegetables and then guide them with the swipe or let them jump by pressing the screen. The faster they rush down the counter, the more money you will receive.

The profit for each delivery is money or scrap. You can use both of these to upgrade and unlock your farm. Upgrades will make the fruits roll further and make more money when they sell, they will also be better at completing each challenge specifically for the fruit. Complete all of those challenges and you will earn quite a bit more money.

With a simple and repeated gameplay like that, the game also cleverly adds a variety of characters for you to unlock and play again. You can unlock more than 80 different fruits.

The fruits will be divided into different branches (Avocado, Apple, etc.), and they will also have different rolling speeds based on size and shape.

htrzarC - Farm Punks 2.01.00 (Unlimited Money)Farm Punks Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Not Your Ordinary Fruit Farm: Grow a cow, fly a spaceship, do sweet tricks, and sell an apple for a billion dollars– you’ve never farmed like this.
  • Launch from the Fruit Cannon and roll your way to riches! Use simple swipe controls to launch your fruit down a diverse mountain landscape– the further you roll, jump and flip, the more money you’ll make!
  • Make Big Bucks! Sell fruit to upgrade trees, collect parts to build vehicles, and upgrade your cannon to launch even farther!
  • Grow, Collect, and Discover! With over 80 quirky fruit to discover and more than 30 trees to grow, expect the unexpected and expand your orchard to its fullest!
  • Challenge your Friends! Featuring Google Play achievements and an in-game leaderboard, show off your green thumb and rise through the ranks!

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Reviews Of  Game

Ethan Gardener: “What just happened?” <– Me after the tutorial. 😀 This is an amusingly silly game. I didn’t find it all that entertaining after the novelty had worn off. It’s probably a lot more fun if you like racing downhill. 🙂 Encouragement to spend money on it starts early, but isn’t very strong at this earl…

Jacob Leatherberry: Okay game, needs some work. Loading screens are glitchy, look like they aren’t finished, showing code screens instead of game graphics. It’s got cute artwork and has the potential to be a great game, it needs polish though.

Kecen Zhou: Fun runner game. I liked collecting the fruit. It gets repetitive after a while, and I have trouble with my mounts getting stuck in corners.