Publisher Manalot Games,
Latest Version 1.3.0
Size 84MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 2, 2021
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Farm Bay Introduction

Farm Bay APK is a simulation from Manalot Games. Farmers, welcome to the peaceful land!



Like many other farm games, the opening of Farm Bay APK is quite peaceful, and the protagonist’s decision (“remove everything and start over”) will bring you into a new life in a place far away from the normal world.

Olivia and Ben, two of your best friends, wrote you a handwritten note. Two of their best friends, Olivia and Ben, wrote a handwritten letter to you. They explained that they just donated money to purchase a small island farm and invited their friends and family to join them. You, at that time, were also too tired of life here and didn’t have a wife and children. You agreed and nodded. So, you drove to the remote island in your truck. The new life of a true farmer was born.

Farmer’s duties

Start with the basics: Harvest the available crops, raise appropriate livestock breeds and trade with the surrounding area for money. Over time, when you get used to the job, you start to invent recipes on your existing agricultural products, you find out other potential markets for agricultural products for profits, and you seek to diversify agricultural products such as adding fruit trees and a series of new breeding models with more diverse animals such as dairy cows, shrimp, fish…

Farm-Bay-APK3Farm Bay MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

If you are able to play for long enough, you will find many interesting neighbors. Every person brings with them a different level of excitement, different working and living experiences. Above all, they will be the “clue” to lead you to many other exciting journeys on this verdant island. Someone will guide you to the right sources of materials from which you can exploit and improve your farm’s production capabilities.

You may be accompanied by others on exciting trips around the island. You may be pushed to try new activities, like fishing or participating in contests run by the islanders. It is most likely a treasure hunt together with a brother neighbor, where treasures of thousands of dollars will be buried somewhere on the peaceful island.

What are you capable of doing in this farm game?

The first is to raise livestock, trade, and exchange agricultural products. Next, you will need to cook and do a few other odd jobs. Next, you will have many opportunities to decorate your own farm, turning Olivia and Ben’s rather lonely land into a rich, green farm where every corner is beautiful and makes a lot of money.

You will then be invited to participate in various competitions in the village. You will explore the island, search for treasures and transform the entire island into a livable, rich and green place.


The island life is vibrant and full of surprises. It’s also a place where you can find poetry. The friendly neighbors are always there to welcome you with open arms. They will teach you, play games with you, and lead you to the beautiful greenlands. Talking to them a lot will give you valuable information that you can use later. The majority of the works are from the village’s villagers.

Don’t be so busy playing that you forget the big goals of the farmer

You will travel around the area and perform some missions. But don’t forget the responsibility of a farmer managing this vast farm. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are always on top of the situation. To be a great farmer, you must take care of your farm. You can also trade agricultural products with other villages in order to make huge profits.

And when roaming around with the neighbors, don’t forget the goal is to find the mines, exploit them to collect valuable resources. Decorate and expand the farm. It is much quicker to travel by yacht.

You can renew your experience on the island by participating in regular events that involve fun challenges with the villagers. It’s also an opportunity to win valuable prizes, sometimes farming tools, sometimes new seeds, or new trading methods. Don’t miss these minigames.

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Main Features

  • There are many fruits and crops to harvest.
  • To get healthy farm products, you need cute animals.
  • Diverse production buildings are available to produce beneficial recipes.
  • To trade and earn coins, you can order board, ship, and market stand.
  • Magnificent airship for improving production buildings
  • Exciting excursions to the treasure islands
  • Many challenging orders and quests.
  • Regular in-game events at the farm
  • Fishing for fish to make delicious fish recipes.
  • You can decorate the farm with beautiful decorations.

Farm Bay Reviews

Lindsey Suddards: The graphics are amazing! The game plays at a steady pace. The tutorial isn’t overwhelming with information! This keeps it simple and to the point! 👍Overall, a well-thought out game.

Yusuf Azam: I love this game and play it almost every day. However, I can’t connect to my game because yesterday was closed.

jesse garcia: It’s great for the time being. Watch out for the next steps. Having difficulty connecting to FB Can’t connect to FB via Goggle Play. You’ll be starting all over again.

Parameswari Logu: Why has this been stopped?This is an amazing game..but why is it being hanged now?

Sheryl Sorenson: I love this game. I love the interaction with neighbors. I am playing when I see a black screen indicating that the farm bay has been closed. When I try to type a message, my keyboard doesn’t appear 90% of time. If it does pop up, it will disappear while you are typing. Please tell me how to fix it or if farm bay can help.

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