Faraway 3 Arctic Escape Mod Apk

Download Faraway 3 Mod Apk 1.0.5180 (Free Shopping)

  • Name
    Faraway 3: Arctic Escape
  • Publisher
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  • MOD Features
    Free Shopping, Unlocked
  • Platforms
    Android 4.1+

Introduction Game

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape APK is a sequel to the intriguing intellectual puzzle game series Faraway with over 1 million players. This time, you’ll have to solve riddles to escape the snowy North Pole temple.

It has been several years since you started your journey to search for the missing father. After passing countless complex puzzles, “hack” the brain in remote locations in Faraway: Puzzle Escape and Faraway 2: Jungle Escape.

The last gateway you entered led to an icy region, where there are mysterious temples. You are about to find your beloved father. Everything you base and find up to now is the diary lines that he left.

In this playground, players will explore interesting places in the Arctic, collect objects, use equipment and solve puzzling puzzles, and puzzles, to escape the labyrinth of the icy temple.

5LFcdps - Faraway 3 1.0.5180 (Free Shopping)Faraway 3 Arctic Escape APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Complicated riddles
  • Diverse locations
  • Continue the story in the previous sections
  • New feature
  • Play for free
  • Big screen support

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Reviews Of Game

Summer Lloyd: I finished the game in about an hour, but it was just me, I liked the puzzle game. The puzzles are not difficult, they are just hard. After you complete the free version, it’s like 2 dollars to buy the full game. But I think the free version is very interesting. It is not only riddles but also a story. If the puzzles in the paid version are harder than I will play.

Juliana Mariz: The game is worthwhile, regardless of what ‘I want free things’ to say. Levels, graphics, music and gameplay are all very engaging and artistic. Not too difficult, just enough that the challenges are rewarding. The best game has a small cost, deal with it. Support the developer. Overall, great game series, I will continue to buy them.

Ansel Santosa: Great game! One of my favorite games on desktop. It’s The Witness because of the way it combines beautiful graphics, compelling stories and challenging puzzles. And I think that the Faraway series can do the same thing on mobile. I especially like that this is a premium game instead of microtransaction hell. Really do well A +.

Agatha Kim: like these remote games! I buy everyone, not just for all levels but to help support because I want more ghese games. The story is also very interesting and full of suspense. I don’t usually write reviews but this is great, it’s worth it. Great work for creative people.

Master Jain: I really like this game. It is very addictive. I also played 2 other parts. All parts are very good. The worst thing is we have to BUY! full game. No purchase, only 9 or 11 stages available. I hope more parts will come too.