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Latest Version 2.12.0
Size 111M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 2, 2021
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Fantasy Island Sim Introduction

Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK: What if you had the power to rule and build an entire fantasy city of your dreams, where many legendary tribes lived together. Will you follow the peace or indulge in endless wars?


Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK simulates a city-building adventure. You will be transported to a Medieval village. The goal of the game is to explore resource ore mines and harvest agricultural products. You will slowly transform your small, rural town into a beautiful and large city.

Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK lets you build the buildings you want for each tribe. This amazing game allows you to do anything: unlock treasures, complete tasks, upgrade your city, decorate everything you like, and explore every corner of this magical kingdom. You can do whatever you want, but don’t force the tribes or cause unjustified injustice. Your most trusted assistant will be gone.


You have the option to either develop your kingdom through strategy or through events. Your kingdom will develop along a path of prosperity. There is no need to worry about the future, there are only freedoms, growth, and construction. The other direction will lead your kingdom into endless wars. Through a series of events, the people will join forces to defeat an enemy.

What is Fantasy Island?

Fantasy Island Sim will allow you to live in a magical, imaginary world called Fantasy Island. There are many tribes that live in this world. Each land has its own secrets, skills, roles, and every tribe has its own role. And to join this beautiful and rich island, you must also have your own “trick”: exchange exactly what they need to get what you want from them.


You should, for instance, have a map to show you where the treasure is located when dealing with pirates. You can also exchange goods and resources with Dwarves if you are looking for long-term economic growth and support. They are often discriminated against because of their unusual personalities and unattractive appearance. However, they are very wealthy and will one day build their castle. Once they have harvested the mines and forged gold for them, if you establish a friendly and good relationship from the beginning.

If you want to make things run smoothly and neatly you need to communicate with the Elves. Because they can just snap their fingers and everything will be done, they are your key to tackling all your daily tasks.

This beautiful kingdom has many villagers who are interested in cultivating and doing business. You are not alone in this. Let’s start building your kingdom with the smallest of things.

Fantasy-Island-Sim-MOD-APK4Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Graphics and sound

Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK was built on the backdrop of a dreamy, magical world. Every scene, in prosperity or construction, is very poetic. It is romantic to see the beautiful coastline, tranquil forests, and high mountains. It will make everything more beautiful if you continue building buildings that reflect the tribal characteristics.

Fantasy Island Sim’s large area is not the only thing that impresses. The trail ran along both sides of the house, with colorful houses rising from both sides. Even the residents below can be seen. You can also see everything from the top.

The sound in Fantasy Island Sim is very attractive with inspirational melodious background music, noise from construction work… I would call it the sound of life. This magical land is worth exploring, but it’s also worth living in and dedicating a lifetime to.

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Main Features

Get started on your adventure in building your dream city!

Welcome to Fantasy Island Sim! Here you will find many tribes living in their cities with their own quests and secrets. Do you enjoy building cities or fighting common enemies in games with events? You can also explore the world’s secrets and discover treasures that are hidden in chests. Each tribe has its own craft and distinct villages. You can also trade goods and resources with the gnomes. Explore the magic elves community and plunder with pirates. This game is available offline without the internet.

To build your fantasy island Sim and the greatest city empire

Expand your village and discover other tribes like the gnomes, dwarfs or polars. Each tribe has their own buildings. All of the legendary fantasy buildings you can collect to expand your city.

What strategy do you have? Get started building with your resources.

You start out in a medieval city and build your empire to become a fantasy kingdom. To keep your city growing, you must keep the morale high. Be careful not to push your tribes too much and they may leave your city. This fantasy simulation game can make it all possible.

Trade with friends

Play with your friends and discover new tribes. Unlock secret skills, find hidden treasures and make new friends.
This new simulation game of city building is for you!

  •  Fantasy city building game full of fun
  •  Play during exciting events
  •  Unlock different tribes and grow your kingdom into an empire
  •  Battle the enemy and solve daily quests
  •  Explore the world and expand your kingdom
  •  Choose your own path: strategy or simulation?
  •  Playable offline and online – you choose!

Fantasy Island Sim Reviews

Natalie Clayton: It’s a great day! These guys have finally released a new building game. This was one of my favorites building games. However, if there were one thing I would complain about it being so difficult to unlock new areas, or maybe half the price, or bonuses or things that are collected towards my next Island, it would be it.

Maria Buena: This game is amazing. It has many options to expand and build your place. I only wish that there were more ways to get the gold bars. It was also very enjoyable and fun. Good job👏

Ecky Woodley: Love the game so very much, that I play it every day 🥰 it’s fun, and very very addictive 🥰 love watching the silver coins come raining down, when I’m collecting them 🥰 always keeps you busy for ages and ages 🙂🙂 thank you devs 🙏 for a brilliant game 🥰 keep up the brilliant work you do for us a…

Davies Paula Ann: I love this addictive, cute game. This is a great game for passing the time.

Christine McDaniel: It is a fun game and I have been playing it for several months. The free prizes and how they can be obtained without real money. Or you can purchase them with money if that is what you prefer. This game is just great.

Download Fantasy Island Sim: Fun Forest Adventure APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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