Faily Brakes Mod Apk

Download Faily Brakes Mod Apk 23.2 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Faily Brakes APK for Android is an extremely difficult terrain racing game that has just been posted on Google Play. Join the game, you will have to control “monster driver” to conquer many different hills and hills with countless pitfalls ahead.

Phil Faily, the guy whose name says it all comes down to failure in life. On a fine day, Phil rewarded him with a trip to explore the mountains to clear his mind, but unfortunately this was probably the most tragic failure of his life when the car suddenly had brakes and brakes. down the embankment.

In Faily Brakes for Android, your task is to extend life for Phil by helping him avoid all obstacles such as trees, trains, vehicles, rocks … on a journey down the hill.

This interesting game is quite similar to the endless running game when Phil’s car plummets down the hill and you just need to control back and forth to avoid obstacles and help Phil delay death so that you receive get more and more bonus points. Of course, in the end, if you make a mistake, Phil still has to get the most unwanted outcome that is going to the afterlife.

Just like with the game Endless Runner, on the journey you need to collect as much gold as possible. With the accumulated gold, you can use it to unlock many new vehicles and costumes for your character. Faily Brakes for Android is an extremely attractive option for you to experience, promising to give you a time of fun and relaxation.

ormwE9v - Faily Brakes 23.2 (Unlimited Money)Faily Brakes APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Move down the slope as far as possible to avoid obstacles along the way
  • AVOID trees, rocks, creeks, traffic, and trains
  • DESTROY obstacles with your shield
  • COLLECT money as you go
  • Unique car UNLOCK
  • SHARE your epic incidents in 360 degrees, slow motion, and share with your friends
  • Games and problems ENDLESS
  • Happy ending!

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Reviews Of Game

Ian Klusman: This game is very interesting. I played this game a lot when I was a kid, and still do it today. I was worried when I wanted to download it again on a new device after a few years. Because a lot of people have reported that it freezes on chromebooks. Fortunately, that is not my case. There are occasional frame drops, but that happens a lot in complex mobile games. So I’ll let it pass. Overall, this game is very interesting, and I still get the excitement I did from my eager childhood days.

Tara worby: Great game. However I couldn’t change the cars like I could ever. Until another day, there’s a garage button next to the map button. That garage button is no longer there, which means I can only change to the cars I’m in the prize box. Please fix this so I can continue enjoying the great game you have created.

Isaac Rutledge: I just downloaded the game and I loved it on a round. It asked me if I wanted to see an add-on to continue and I clicked on it. It didn’t even make me see an ad love it unless it was a problem. But still love this game and highly recommended it.

Nate Mitts: This game is great, it’s really underestimated. I can’t think of anything I dislike about it. And without any ads, I played the family game. As great as 5 STARs!

Zelurp: I’ve played this game forever and I’m on a new device. And I don’t have my information but I still like it. But please make money easier and some cars are cheaper.