Publisher LINE Games,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 5.0.0
Size 564MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 6.0+
Updated On December 2, 2021
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Exos Heroes Introduction

Exos Heroes APK opens a large open world for players to explore freely. Coming to this game, you will enter the journey to search for the legendary sword. It was cursed by the ancient dragon, Exestruk.


Exos had two peaceful races a few hundred years ago. They included dragons and humans. That didn’t last forever when the dispute between the two species began to erupt.

Everywhere war broke out. People are suffering from dust, smoke and other maladies.

Doesn’t let this tragedy continue, the king of the Exos kingdom decided to sacrifice himself in exchange for peace for the people. Although the wish was granted, the king will forever be gone along with the cursed sword and dark dragon.

Exos-Heroes-1Exos Heroes APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Zeon, a treasure-hunter, suddenly gains the ability to speak to the ancient dragon Bitru. That enabled him to discover the secret story behind the kingdom. He sets out on his journey to free the Exestruk curse.

Exos Heroes Gameplay

Exos Heroes APK will take players on an adventure through a fantasy world reminiscent of fairy tales. Players will discover a series of mysteries and quests throughout the journey.

Naturally, an action game can’t lack dramatic battles. Take part in strategic battles and use the Guardian Stone system against your enemies.

Players can travel and fight across the vast skies with the Airship feature. This unique feature is unmatched in role-playing game. The game can be downloaded and you can enjoy it.

Airships can be more than just a pretty model. It’s like giant destruction robots or flying robots. The captains are the players who manage and direct their campaigns.

Exos Heroes Modes


Exos Heroes APK has two modes: single-player or multiplayer.

Before you begin a match, single-player mode lets you choose your difficulty level (from one to four). This mode is great for new players to practice their tactics and gain experience. When you’re ready, you can choose a multiplayer mode to join the fight with your friends, challenge other players around the world.


Other than Zeon, players have the option to recruit other warriors.

Exos Heroes features over 200 characters that you can choose from. Each character is unique in their appearances, abilities, disadvantages, and looks. The card clearly lists all information and index points. This card allows you to easily combine cards to help each other fight. Your overall strength will rise significantly.

However, they are not freely available. To unlock them, you must complete missions and win matches.


Lucky spins can only be used for some characters, while others need to be bought with money. Chati’s cute appearance is what I love about her. Chati is a good defender and can help the team improve their defensive abilities when fighting. Chati is a great partner in fighting, and I use her often to limit the number of casualties.


You can also collect characters to improve your team’s fighting power. You can equip weapons to do more damage.

Winning battles can help you gain equipment. If the conditions allow, players can purchase high-quality materials (exchanged for experience points) to build the most powerful weapons.

Exos Heroes Graphics

Exos Heroes APK graphics are amazing. The characters, sounds and battle effects are all perfect and appropriate for the game’s gameplay.


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Main Features

The grand adventure to search for ‘Exestruk’, the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon!

Fail to face the evil forces that threaten the peace on the Exos Continent

  • You can ride the Airship, an ancient ship that was awakened from deep sleep and is ready for adventure!
    Welcome to the fantasy world where Airships fly the skies.
    You can be an Airship Captain and experience the vastness of the world.
    In this original RPG, you can join the treasure hunter Zeon as well as the ancient dragon Bitru.
    See this amazing story unfold before you.

Run and walk! Freedom!

  • This world is filled with exciting content where you can search for lost treasures and explore lost ruins.
  • Exos is the original mobile RPG.

Amazing graphics! It’s not a cinematic video!

  • Intense battles set in a fairytale world!
  • Amazing skill actions Strategic battles are the best way to experience the true joy of turn-based games!
  • Illustrations of beautiful characters and fantasy worlds with stunning landscapes.

You will love this new type of RPG that features a battle system unlike anything else!

  • Take advantage of Guardian Stone system to ‘break’ the enemy, and add more fun to strategic battles!

Every character in the game is as good as its main character. You can collect more heroes

  • Enjoy the amazing play with powerful Fatecore by collecting over 250 heroes with distinctive character designs!
  • Fiery intense battles are sure to bring joy to your eyes and your heart!

Exos Heroes Reviews

Toubeaux Family: I have only had a handful of crashes, but I have not experienced any other problems. It’s beautiful and captivating in a way I haven’t experienced in other console games. Even though I don’t really care for gotchas, this game has kept my attention beautifully. What’s the reason? Each chara…

Fabrice Rey: Pleasant surprise, beautiful world, and pleasant atmosphere. Character personalities aren’t always as rich and colorful as other venues. But on the other hand, there is plenty to see and do, and the music and art are incredible. My tablet performed slowly with medium settings and 30fps lock. …

Ravonies Ravenshir: It doesn’t matter if you “pay to win”… If you are impatient, there is no point in paying. There are some bottlenecks in the game to help you get rid of weak players. Just keep going. The story is also visually amazing. There is a character gallery and the ability to build teams that fit your needs.

Ge Vang: Exos Heroes since launch, and still enjoying it. I have all the characters without spending too much money. You get Xes (currency) every day and every week. It’s very user-friendly and free to play. Incredible art and character design.

TOMMY, rh Ho: Second time i change my review. It’s been more than a year. It’s been over a year. We need more content that is entertaining. It’s a fun game, but I lost interest because of the poor rewards. Memorial Saga requires you to pay for rewards. We need something to keep us interested in this gam…

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