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Requirements 4.4+
Updated On December 6, 2022
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Evil Nun 2 Introduction

Evil Nun 2 starts with a new context, a new journey, but the core content has not changed much compared to the first version. You are taken to a mysterious abbey, which is run by Sister Madeline. She is known for being an authoritarian, frightening person with many hidden secrets.

Evil Nun 2 MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Game has an extensive map. Although it only revolves around the monastery, there are many places here. You will have to move through each place in search of a way out. Run fast and find shelter, because you don’t know what will happen to you when Madeline’s henchmen catch you.

Game is portrayed as authentically. The scenes are built on a 3D foundation and are selected with the right color tones to create a realistic environment, a scary and quiet space. Sound is captured from the real environment. Therefore, the character’s footsteps, short breaths, and the third perspective will give you an unforgettable feeling.

The sources of information you find are closely related. In the process of collecting clues, you will be navigated through many areas, and in turn, will explore every corner of the monastery. Although I have not finished this game yet, for sure, you will face many difficulties that the developer gives. But I have one piece of advice for you that you should give yourself a weapon for defense, hide in a closet or under a table when you hear footsteps.

While horror games like Evil Nun 2 aren’t too unfamiliar anymore, but if you want to play with more emotions, more fears, and more dramatic chase scenes, give this game a try. Believe me, your terrifying nightmare has only just begun!

Main Features:

  • Explore all secret places in the nun horror game school, much bigger and with more rooms than you think.
  • Hide like your favourite horror stories characters, it’s the key to survival!
  • Make sure you craft weapons to fight back in a nun horror game shooting, this is one of the worst evil games you will play!
  • Solve all the puzzles that you won’t find in other creepy games.

Reviews Games :

aysa siddika: this is the greatest horror game i have ever played. If your in dout to play i would recommend this very much. I loved the conection with evil nun,ice scream & mr meat. but theres a little problem, there are many ads but you can fix it by just some money.

Hazarmaveth Ruiz: It’s a fun game but the ads make me crash so I have to restart all over. This might be stupid to ask but, I really want a save progress button so when you don’t have time to finish then you can save. I really like this game though. It’s just really cool and how it’s set in like an actual school and stuff. Really nice. I wnat new updates but this game is good.

Andy Simpson: Dear Keplerians, I want to say well done for the release of Evil Nun 2! The controls and overall graphics are great! I feel like you could make it abit easier for if the chickens spot you. And I found a glitch. I usually drop my items near the trapdoor in the classrooms, which is in a vent. The Nun crawled through, and made my items spawn outside of the map. Overall, a very good game.

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