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Download Evertale Mod Apk 1.0.53 (Unlimited Money, One Hit Kill)

Introduction Game

Evertale Mod Apk(Unlimited Money, One Hit Kill). Evertale was developed by ZigZaGame – one of the companies that makes the most effort to bring gamers a game with the spirit of the original series. The story tells of a fantasy world Erden disturbed by an ancient curse of Pandemonium, a cover of demons that appears every 100 years.

Only the Crestbearers could stop its destruction, but all failed to prevent it from returning to devastation once again. The task of the player is to join the two young heroes and allies they make friends along the way, embark on a dangerous mission to uncover the secret and end this long-standing curse.

Of course, you can collect, train and develop over 180 monster creatures and warriors so they can stand side by side and fight alongside you in dramatic battles!

Besides the main storyline, gamers can also participate in many other activities, such as competing in real-time PvP matches. There is also a Guild system where players can unite, help each other and go on an adventure in search of a suitable monster.

In general, when you join Evertale mobile game, you will discover a large game environment including bustling cities and legendary dungeons in the fantasy world, which is shaped by detailed and beautiful 2D graphics.

f7dfeel - Evertale 1.0.53 (Unlimited Money, One Hit Kill)Evertale Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Follow The Story Mode Quests
  • Consider Team Members That Blend Well Together
  • Accomplish Side Quests For Extra Rewards
  • Keep An Eye Out For Moving Bushes
  • Explore The Land For Treasure Chests
  • Earn Silver From Selling Duplicate Monsters
  • Spend Your Summoning Crystals Wisely
  • Join An Active Guild And Add Friends
  • Participate In Various Game Modes And Events
  • Aim To Accomplish Achievements And Daily Missions

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Reviews Of Game

TeNasty: Honestly enjoyed the game a lot for the offline story, then it becomes a money hungry time gated game. The game itself changes entirely to just slow clicks and huge wait times due to mana holding you back. Like I can move twice in the online hard story that are 45 mana a piece and I have 100 plus total mana. And that takes time to refill on its own… So time gated, plus all the events push for you to put money in. Kind of annoyed now, enjoyed the free roam and capture for it to just disappear..

William Turnipseed: Great first act, then everything changed. First act is a classic RPG where you can roam and look for monsters. Shops, battles, treasures, and a good story. After that it turns into a hop from dot to dot. Battles require mana on the second act. You only get a limited amount of mana, so you can only progress so far before you have to stop and wait for it to build back up.

Tristan Hair: Very excellent, not really a true premium game though. There is an “optional” gacha (which had really poor rates too)! Battle and lineups add a lot of depth, even early on, but setting all that up and navigating the menus feels clunky and dated around the edges. So maybe half a point or so off for the old feeling ui.