Publisher Lightcore,
Category Adventure,
Latest Version 1.0.16
Size 109MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Free Craft
Requirements 5.0+
Updated On April 2, 2022
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Epic Raft Introduction

Join Epic Raft – a game inspired by the historical story of Robinson Crusoe, a character who lived alone for nearly 3 decades on the island. If you fall into such a situation, can you survive to go home? Find the answers in this fun game. When you and your sailors were on a journey across the ocean, a great storm appeared and took everything. Right now, only you are left alive, but you are alone in an ocean full of dangers.

Epic Raft MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Your only goal is survival, so seek food and water first. Your character has this two-indicator meter; if you let it run out, then the character will die. Aside from the above problem, you also need to remember many dangerous things in the sea. Sharks are always lurking around your wooden raft. If you accidentally fell into the water, you probably already know what will happen!

The collection of food only brings health to the character. If you want to survive in the ocean, you need to find resources to craft the necessary items and tools. The game provides you with an iron hook. You use it to pick up pieces of wood, plastic, or leaves drifting in the sea. Take a look at the task on the right side of the screen, and you will know what you can do and what to do.

The game has a day and night cycle, accompanied by rainy, sunny, windy weather, … If the character has no shelter, his health will decrease quickly. You should build a building so that the character can rest while avoiding some dangers when night falls. The ocean is very large. It is full of mysteries and dangers. You will explore neighboring islands, then move on to more remote islands. In fact, these islands seem to have already been visited by other people. They leave behind many things that you can reuse. However, there are also some people who cannot leave this place. They leave messages. Test them, discover their stories and write your own story.

Main Features

  • First things first: find water and food to stay alive. It isn’t as simple as getting them from the ocean – you’ll have to find a way to collect water and cook food.
  • Build your raft, collect resources from the ocean and islands, craft vital items and equipment using the advanced crafting system and find unique recipes on islands. Become a real survivor!
  • The weather is both your friend and your enemy. Try to adapt to different weather conditions and see how they influence characters.
  • World map. The ocean is huge! Start off your adventure by exploring islands and all the mysteries and dangers they hide. Every island has its own story to tell to those who listen…
  • Danger is everywhere. Fight for your life against sharks, zombies, mutant crabs and many other threats. Zombie sharks never miss the scent of blood…
  • Graphics. Epic Raft’s colourful graphics set it apart from other survival games.

Epic Raft Reviews

Motiv B.: It’s a great game, super fun and immersive. The shark is a fun kinda added touch, and I love that you can move the objects around! Honestly, the only problem I’ve had is with the hook, and it’s super minor. I think we should beable to click the button again to have the hook come back fast if empty. That way, if you were aiming for a certain mat, you could retry before it’s gone ^^ Other than that, 10/10 Will play again

Chris P. Bacon: It is very fun except for some issues. The first issue is that almost every time you get a chest or unknown reward, you get the worst possible rewards. It gets annoying. Also, whenever you leave the app and close the window, the sharks health regenerates to full health. So when you are almost done with the shark, and accidentally close the tab, it restarts you(yes, I have done that). Other than those and a couple minor bugs, it is really fun.

Death Pilot: This game is amazing!!!!!! I highly recommend this game for people that love building, surviving, and exploring. You could fix the glitch with doors. It’s bad because you can’t go through them. You could also add video rewards when your stamina for exploring runs out. I would like to be able to break walls, floors, and doors. Also, you could add more guns and more animals surrounding your boat.

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