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Latest Version 1.2.4
Size 294MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On January 15, 2022
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Weird Hospital: Endless Nightmare

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital MOD APK will help you have moments of sweating or screaming in fear. This game has an original gameplay, a great storyline, and scary images.


Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital MOD APK begins when the character James (you) wakes up in an abandoned hospital in the town of Oak Town. Before you fall asleep, you track the mysterious disappearances here. You don’t know why you woken up in this dark hospital.

However, this is only the beginning.


There is something more sinister behind the frightening ghosts you are constantly confronted with. This is only the tip. There is a bigger twist in store for you.

Frustrating and choking

Throughout James’ journey to find out the truth behind the deaths of the villagers, you will constantly be scared and overwhelmed by a series of horrifying events. American horror characters show up in the hospital darkness one after the other. It’s still the dark old hospital scene with full of blood, endless chases. It’s still the old hospital scene with bloody chases and endless bloody fights. But, most importantly, it’s still the feeling that you can’t breathe. After playing for a while you will feel out of breath, as if you were part of this story.

There are several chapters to Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital MOD APK. Each chapter follows the American TV series’ pattern: it opens slowly, ends with an unexpected incident or has a strong plot twist. This makes you can’t stop playing, even if you’re too scared. This is a terrifying experience that is becoming more frightening every day.


Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital’s gameplay is flexible. You will be playing the role of James and going on a specific mission to find out the mystery of mass disappearances, and upgrade weapons… Simultaneously, you can do puzzles to find a way out of the hospital and a series of mysterious rooms. You can also get into action here with wild chases and attack and kill a number of horrible monsters.

Endless-Nightmare-Weird-Hospital-MOD-APK2Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Our character will survive longer and acquire more powerful weapons. Don’t forget to let James collect many strange items in the hospital. These things will eventually help you.

Upgrading characters and weapons

Moreover, an indispensable element of any RPG game is the development of the character’s skill system such as hitting, punching, using weapons, increasing attack speed… Weapons here are not too much variety, but enough. In horror games, you don’t need many weapons. Having something to fight with is a good thing. Do you remember many games from beginning to end that were bear with only a flickering flashlight in the main character’s hand? The good news is that some of the basic guns from Endless Nightmare : Weird Hospital are upgradeable to much higher attack levels so our character doesn’t seem too tragic.

Besides, you can also choose to “run” or “fight”. There’s no rule that requires killing all the monsters in the hospital. If the situation becomes too stressful, you can always run. You can completely hide behind a corner in the hospital if you don’t want to happen face-to-face with the evil forces here. This game is all about the thrill of terrifying jumpscare and life and death.

Every ghost has a story behind it

The ghost “team” in Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital is also very “resentful”. Every ghost is unique. Each one has its origins, identity, and story. You will feel less fear if you take the time and get to know your ghosts. This story has many mysteries that will help you unravel the great conspiracy.


You can enjoy the ultimate fear by playing the role of the hero, but you must also use your judgement and sharp mind to make connections between strange events. You must solve the puzzles, locate a way out from the hospital, and discover the danger behind the disappearances.

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Main Features

  • This 3D graphic style will give you an unforgettable horror visual experience.
  • Complex cases and plots require your intelligence and strategy to uncover the truth.
  • Explore the hospital from the first person, test your logical reasoning abilities, and discover the horror secrets!
  • The game offers rich gameplay, talent, weapons, inference, and battles.
  • Get out your weapons! Kill horror ghosts with precision marksmanship
  • To experience the creepy sounds and music, you will need an earphone.
  • You can save progress, but you have to experience the true thrill!
  • Play it without internet You can play it anywhere!

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital Reviews

Rice Mango: I like the game concept. We can fight back, even if we run from a psychopath or ghost. There is also skill that can be used to help you pass each level. Very nice game.

Waffickz: This game is amazing, but needs improvement. One thing we need to change is that we can find ammo like RE4 without having to craft it. Another thing is that sprinting requires screen shaking. We can adjust the volume when playing bgm.

Evil Gamer: A well detailed game it’s worth playing highly recommended if you’re bored and you need something to play

Alif: Although the mechanics, atmosphere, and vibe of resident evil 2 remake are similar, this game may have a more complex story, graphic, or story. But they make the game feel as scary as it is intended. And that is why this android game is so good.

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