Publisher ZITGA,
Category Strategy,
Latest Version 1.0.226
Size 98MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On January 11, 2022
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Empire Defender TD Introduction

Empire Defender TD MOD APK is a strategy game from ZITGA. In the game, you play as a prince who is leading the royal army to the battlefield to prevent the invasion of the enemy that is slowly encroaching on the kingdom.

Tower Defense The Kingdom Rush

The plot

Empire Defender TD MOD APK is about Ioria, a beautiful world inhabited by many races, including fairies, humans and elves. The war between Grando and Endia is the focus of the game. Grando, the leader of Grando, has a reputation for being arrogant and aggressive. He wants to be the king in all of Ioria. Endia is his first choice, and the country with the best position in the universe.

Empire-Defender-TD-MOD-APK1Empire Defender TD MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

The battle of Prince Jave is the game. This prince, the son the king Endia, will lead his royal armies to the battlefield in order to stop the Grando clan’s invasion. As the prince, you have the responsibility of leading, allocating and issuing the correct tactics to win your army.

What can you do with this appealing strategy game?

You will soon become a skilled tactician and be able to build and direct your army in any direction, just like other mobile games. You can control all heroes and generals, create fortresses to defeat the enemy mass and return peace to the entire kingdom.

Your tasks in the game are so many and continuous that you can’t ignore them from the first seconds. Things become more stressful as the number of monsters grows. They are more energetic, faster-paced and have more tricks. To be able to respond to offensive and defensive tactics, you will need to play with and remember each species’ strengths and weaknesses. This will be the time when you understand the importance of the principle of “To know oneself is true progress.”

You can enjoy light gameplay while still enjoying rich modes

Empire Defender TD MOD APK offers a range of game modes, including events, war, and hero challenges. War mode is my favourite mode. There are many levels you can play with the CPU, each with an increasing speed and level of difficulty. There are a total of 9 bosses that appear in turn, making your already very confusing game’s life even more deadlocked. Events mode is a very good mode, but it’s really hard to play because there are hundreds of massive attacks of monsters and the boss moves continuously without requiring resuscitation. Hero Challenges mode lets you control your heroes and direct them through the challenge. You can also freely experience.


We will be given money before each level to help us arrange our soldiers in the basic fortress. The more enemies that you kill, you’ll earn more money. This time you will need to recruit new soldiers or construct one of the four legendary castles in the game. Every move will impact the strength and power of your royal army. Be careful!

Empire Defender TD MOD APK is quite different to other strategic fighting games. Each Empire Defender TD hero has a great source of power. Your task is to awaken the potential and make full use of each person’s ability to fight quickly.

There are 10 heroes in the game, each with a dynamic skill (attack) or 3 static skills (defense). You can use up to three heroes in each level. How you organize them in your army will determine how much chance you have of winning.

The ultimate weapon is the mighty fortress

Mobile tactical combat games have not yet created a powerful, detailed fortress-type system such as Empire Defender TD. There are 4 different types of fortresses available throughout the game. Each type offers its own advantages, combat characteristics, and shape.

Barrack tower is the first, and it’s where your elite soldiers are trained with high combat power. Barrack towers are great for preventing enemy attacks, slowing down them, and cornering them into ambush areas.

The Archer tower is second. This tower can be used to attack enemy fortresses quickly and save soldiers in emergency situations. Although it does not cause much damage, the speed and range of its attacks are extremely high.


The Magic tower is the third. This fortress is armed and controlled by the greatest wizards of the kingdom. It can not only deal high damage, but also summon Magic Dragons to help the fight and win.

Golem tower is the fourth and last fortress. This fortress is the most powerful in the game and fortress is powerful and can deal high damage under the control of high-class special forces generals. This fortress can hurl large rocks at enemies to unleash powerful attacks, and more. Golem tower’s only flaw is its slow attack speed and cooldown.

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Main Features

  • This tower defense is fun, easy and awesome! It is called Battle TD (btd).
  • Play offline, anywhere and anytime.
  • Graphics of high quality are better than many other tower defense or strategy games.
  • Take all the power you have and learn as much about your opponent as possible to devise the best strategy and tactics. You can build your defense to win a glorious victory.
  • More than 120+ levels and maps that offer both challenge and enjoyment in a strategy game.
  • There are 4 types of Defence Towers, each with different strengths and functions. They also come with 5 upgrade options. You can be an Archer, Mage or Warrior, Dragon or Golem.
  • 11 Heroes with different skills and powers. Select your heroes to lead the btd6 battle and hurl vengeance. You can win or lose, it’s entirely up to you.
  • You can choose from over 10 different Runes that will help you strengthen your heroes and make them stronger so they can resist any invaders or bosses.
  • There are more than 30 types of enemies, each with its own evil abilities. You should not underestimate the minions. They will destroy your castle.
  • This addictive strategy game features tower defense and realm defense, as well as a boss fight that is unlike any other free td games.
  • 5 Power-ups: The true saviors when defense is at its most challenging.
  • There are more than 100 achievements in these games. The greatest defender will win!
  • Competitive Tournament: Let’s find out who is the best defender at the Infinite Challenge, the world championship!

Empire Defender TD Reviews

Linh Pham: This graphic is great, it doesn’t take too much time to complete a level, and it’s very entertaining.

Jan Smetana: Wow! Amazing so far! Beautiful animations, fast interface.

David Cole: Everybody who claims they must pay for something is wrong. I did not pay for any of the 20 levels. Once you figured out the strategy, level 19 and 20 were easy.

TheMine Craftier: The animation is smooth and easy-to-see, and I absolutely love the overall look. This deserves to be improved and expanded upon.

Faith Mukami: This is an amazing download for anyone who loves strategy games with beautiful graphics and offline play.

Download Empire Defender: Game Offline APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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