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Drone Shadow Strike Mod Apk 1.25.115 (Unlimited Gold and Cash) + OBB

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    Drone Shadow Strike
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    Unlimited Gold and Cash
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    Android 4.2+

Introduction Game

Drone Shadow Strike APK, roughly translated as dogfight, is a strategic military game, fast paced combat and realistic action. You will control the best drone in the world and be provided with an advanced arsenal.

Located in the center of the secret aerial war. Drone Shadow Strike will put you in the hot seat of a special executive order. You will have to follow your way to impact the chain of command in a series of secret missions, using ultra-tech equipment, strategies and skills, superior firepower to defeat the nation’s enemies.

Avoid death nets and fire from the enemy, and attack their bases before they see you off.

In each mission of the game, the player has a common goal (eg kill a VIP), as well as secondary targets (kill combo), etc. In addition, players will sit in the perspective of the first person from the unmanned aircraft system. Players can touch and drag to move the viewpoint towards the battlefield.

The game allows to upgrade individual weapons as well as aircraft: upgrade aircraft armor, enhance radar and stealth capabilities, upgrade flares, etc. You can upgrade the cannons to increase shelling and cooling rates, while missiles can be upgraded with wider effects or increase the speed index. Once gamers start making lots of virtual money, they can buy completely new planes, or they can also be purchased with real money.

Download Drone Shadow Strike Mod Apk latest version for Androi 1 clickDrone Shadow Strike APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • 7 types of flying on unmanned aircraft (UAVs)
  • Defend, survive, fight or escort, 24 mission missions in combat inspired by 4 real world wars.
  • Cannons, controlled jet bullets, rockets and bombs, 4 types of weapons, 20 ways of bombardment.
  • Superior upgrade: players can choose different fighting styles such as: gentle, stealth, strong, etc.
  • 7 additional enhancements: dominate the battlefield with airstrikes, nuclear weapons and more
  • Intuitive and easy touch controls, commanding battles with just one finger
  • Fight with Al forces, and at all costs must protect them
  • 20 official rankings in the game, starting as an amateur pilot and ascending to commander, eventually total authority
  • More than 280 challenges and 70 achievements
  • Many subsequent campaign phases.
  • During the process, the player will increase the rating through the pilot’s rank by upgrading the vehicle and proficient use of their skills.

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Reviews Of Game

DavidB Wms: Awesome game, other drone games are to cartoonish. Drone Shadow Was removed by a security download from my provider, the next day. Thank you for your quick response & sorry I didn’t get back to you. I enjoy playing this game. If you think you can top this one, you can slap me with butta & call me a byskitt. 4-1-20 I don’t think I can top what i sent previously, yet..

José: God damn i love seen 5he little bombs and missiles hit the buildings. Pretty much i love seen the exploisions and mayham plus it sounds like guys took my advise on improving the game. You should do the same for shadow strike 3 and update it

Leanna Italiano: Love the game. Hard at first. Needs to explain about how to play game, and controls a little in beginning. But other then that. Great game. Now i wish u would uplaod more missions and drones. Also would be awesome if you could make every weapon and drone available , without haveing to save up hella money .