Dream Town Story Mod Apk

Download Dream Town Story Mod Apk 1.7.5 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Dream Town Story APK fof Android is a compact city building game with 8-bit graphics, retro style, cute and realistic. This is an exciting mobile game created by Kairosoft that turns players into the owner of a real town.

In Dream Town Story, your mission will play the role of a mayor with leadership duties. And develop your town into a thriving city. Grow and bring happiness to everyone in town.

You will start building your town by paving the way, planning the land and getting people to live in the town. You need to pay attention to the life of each family in town, to understand the life of each of your residents and to help them enjoy life in town.

Many factors influence their decision to stay or move, such as environmental issues, landscapes, social amenities, etc.As mentioned, each migrant has a unique life. They, this boy likes to play games and eat cakes, while girls have their own hobbies. run in the park …

Dream Town Story fof Android an exciting mobile game with nostalgia, cuteness and real life. Become the owner of a real town. And evolve your crawl city as far as the naked eye is, in this thrilling simulation game!

bfko8JM - Dream Town Story 1.7.5 (Unlimited Money)Dream Town Story APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Turned into mayor
  • Resident
  • Build
  • Be careful with your debts
  • Online mode allows you to go to someone’s town
  • 8-bit graphics

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Reviews Of Game

Skye Laark: Kairosoft’s awesome game as always. Cute graphics, great gameplay, the whole. My only complaint is that it’s a bit difficult to make money at the start of the game. Because I spent so many days with negative money. It would be great if there were other options to make some cash when the fund is running low. However, enjoyed it so far.

The Vyrus: It’s always a pleasure to play a Kairosoft game. Build your town, place businesses and facilities to create combinations that increase the price of your products. Construction of new residential plots for new residents to live and develop. Build a semi-co-op town with players. Or friends, rate your town to unlock new residents and rewards.

Biosoul Nano: At first I thought it would be like a pocket academy. Where it doesn’t explain something and messes up the whole thing. But not! It’s very funny. Just like the dream days! I love the Kairoscoft game. Have fun! Thank you for everything Kairoscoft!

Clifford Roselim: Great, you never thought. City building games can make you so good. It keeps you looking forward to what happens next. Strategy to do next. Ways to balance things out. Highly recommend you to play it.

Tessa Goddard: Have fun. An addictive game. Plus, I have to move everything where I want it to be. And have to really think before you put anything down. Funniest game.