Dragon x Dragon Mod Apk

Download Dragon x Dragon Mod Apk 1.5.96 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Dragon x Dragon APK for Android, is a magical city dragon game. Build the most beautiful dragon island paradise. Put on your dragons, make them happy.

Your mission in Dragon x Dragon is to create an entire dragon city. Propagate and raise dragons from the moment they are tiny eggs. Take care, evolve, see how your dragon grows.

You can have a lot of fun building your own city. Decorating, placing more ecological zones, planting trees, making roads, building houses to build gold, food … All in Dragon x Dragon.

Don’t forget to train them to become the strongest warrior. A perfect game to replace Dragon City or Dragon Mania Legends.

Dragon x Dragon for Android is the best dragon game! Breeding and raising dragons! Since the dragon game is full of simulations, you can also have a lot of fun building your own city!

JpGt9kr - Dragon x Dragon 1.5.96 (Unlimited Money)Dragon x Dragon APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • You can have fun raising cute dragons that are just like pets
  • Pit the dragons you raise against enemies in 6-on-6 battles
  • Obtain rare dragons by pairing and cross-breeding dragons
  • Collect very rare dragons by following hints
  • Place things such as dwellings and decorations to build a city just for you
  • Pit your dragons against players from around the world
  • Grow crops on farms to feed your dragons
  • Enjoy dragon vs. dragon battles
  • Collect all the dragons by clearing quests
  • The virtual world has realistic island, city, vale and etc
  • Fun dragon game for mobile and tablet!
  • Arrange the characters you raise just like in a CMS (construction and management simulation) game

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Reviews Of Game

MagzandSoph: What happened to the gems. Which we can donate along with the moon stones? Promotion is not as easy as before. It’s like you have to buy it if you want it. It’s a good game but I can’t spend real money on a fake dragon. So I guess I don’t go any further than where I am. This is my favorite dragon game. I will definitely see any additions to make you money for my playing time.

Daman Singh: It is like all other things. It’s like all other dragon games. Not the best dragon game machine. But it’s a best driving game to get dragon games. Like he did because I only bought one edit. And then I braided it for them and then I waited for the other two-headed guy. I kept reading until I got a lot of people. And then I just literally beat it. As first 5 letter levels without even trying.

Delta -Strike: I love the game from picking eggs to fighting. For other players but it will be better. If fighting with dragons / monsters or the player will lose the same time. When you finish the battle. And take the same time when incubating or building. Get new island, cultivate and destroy rocks and bushes.

Blaze Saber: I love dragon games but THIS game is too annoying. The goal page will let you know. “Take all these dragons and get a reward. So I got the dragon and he won’t even admit that I got it. Come on guys! This is ridiculous! I’m 66!” age I don’t have time for this kind of frustration!

John Turcotte: Watch your dragons grow. It is an enjoyable process to help you keep your place to play the game. There should be a shorter way to get food for your dragon in addition to buying it. Otherwise great game.