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Updated On May 13, 2022
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Dragon Raja Introduction

Dragon Raja APK allows you to create everything you want while fighting with your enemies.

There are many things that can draw you to the game, as well as some amazing matches you can play in it. The game offers many challenges that will make you stronger and help you reach a certain strength level. This is an open-world game that everyone will enjoy.

Beautiful World Attracts Player


Dragon Raja will amaze you with the array of elements you see. The game’s graphics are beautifully designed that anyone will be eager to discover what’s in this game. This is an important factor that makes a positive impression on players. You will also receive many exciting things, including characters with stunning looks. You can even choose styles.

When you start the game, you will choose one of the game’s classes, and each class has its characteristics and meets a specific need of the player. One factor that you will notice is that each class’s appearance can change by gender and style. If you select Gunslinger, your character will appear as a female, but you can change it to Male. Lolita, in addition to Male and Female, is also available.

Once you’ve chosen the class for your character, that’s the first factor because you will also adjust the character’s appearance. It takes some time to get into the game, just like the previous process. You will also be able to control your character from a third-person view. Once you have entered the game, you will find yourself in an environment filled with monsters. Fortunately, you have a weapon that can defeat them. This is how you enter the first match.

Explore The Open-world Your Way

As stated above, you will control the character to face enemies with your skills. This screen can be used as a tutorial screen to help you understand the mechanics of this game. You can attack by pressing the appropriate button. There will also be skills around it. You will also be guided step-by-step on how to play this game.

Dragon-Raja-APK2Dragon Raja APK – Gameplay Screenshot

When you’re done with the tutorial, you’ll open your eyes somewhere else and meet the character who saved you in the forest. Your skills may be lost. This is the point where you can explore the world and face different enemies. While you have the open-world character, you will interact with elements to help you progress in this game.

When you get a quest, you can do it, and it’s also the first job anyone should do. You will also receive experience points as a reward for completing missions. These experience points can be used to increase your level in the game. You will also face strong enemies and will need to defeat them all. You need to be able to move correctly to avoid attacks and properly use your skills.

Upgrade Your Character’s Strength

Many players love the gaming experience. You will explore an open world in Dragon Raja and find ways to increase your character’s experience. It is also essential because you will unlock new skills as you level up and can face many enemies. You can do many activities to earn experience. There will also be an experienced tree you can see in-game.

Besides experience, at some point, you will find yourself with powerful gear to increase your character’s stats. These gears also support the character’s combat ability, but upgrading them requires time and materials. You can click on an item of equipment to see its materials and success rate. This is a lengthy process you will need to complete.


Exciting Game Modes

Dragon Raja will offer many thrilling matches. The players are primarily divided in PVE and PVP. To advance in the game you can do in-game quests or kill enemies. You can also find activities to take part in. There will be PVP matches, which you can participate in. However, it is important to consider your strengths before participating.

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Dragon Raja Reviews

Mara Young: This game is fantastic. The storyline is great, the graphics are amazing, and the characters are adorable. I tried to log out, but it kept wiping out my entire account after a server shut down. It took me a full day to reach level 60.

Kayla Gage: I absolutely love this game. It’s hard to find outfits, and you basically wear the same things as everyone else.

Mc_Fetty: Amazing graphics and storyline make this a fun game. The one thing that I don’t enjoy is how fast I can get exp, which makes me more level than my rating.

Nickie Simpson: This is the best game I have ever played! Although I don’t consider myself a gamer, this app has transformed me into one. It’s beautiful graphics and there’s so many things to do. And it’s so much fun! It’s great! 💗

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